The glorious picture quality of LG G7 is thrifty

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The synthetic test AnTuTu performance unit, LG G6 is easily gaining 149,427 points, which puts it on par with the leaders – the flagships of other well-known brands. This result guarantees the user a quick and smooth operation of absolutely all games and applications, despite the very high-resolution display.

Surely many people are concerned about the issue of compatibility with the new format screen games and applications 18: 9. But do not worry – developers have optimized their applications. With games also no problem – the software market responded quickly to the emergence of new items. Especially the LG G6 with the same aspect ratio (18: 9) left the new flagships of the Samsung – the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 +. Hope, LG’s upcoming “seventh” generation G series will gain higher rank and leave its rivals behind with its newfangled representation.

 “Cherry on the cake” set new items advantages for smartphone steel chamber. The device LG G6 is equipped with a front camera sensor 5-megapixel resolutions and viewing angle to 100 degrees. Fans selfie-shooting will be happy because now the picture gets even more space and facilities. In particular, users can take group “selfie” without the use of a monopod. If we compare this flagship to the upcoming G7 model, LG has gained very much experience and inspiration, that for LG G7, the company has implemented the most desirable and advanced level features in it to give the phone a high-standard and hi-fi look. As per the rumors, the LG G7 camera with front 12MP and 22Mp Dual lens back camera is just majestic.

Talking further about the G6 lofty camera, the main camera has two separate photo-modules instead of one camera with a “dual lens”. Thus, the two modules, both sensors have a resolution of the 13-megapixel camera but one – “normal” with a viewing angle of 71 degrees, and the second – a unique wide-angle camera with a viewing angle of 125 degrees. The wide-angle camera allows for pictures to the effect of “fish eyes” so that in the frame gets more space and facilities than when shooting at “normal” camera. It’s a really tough challenge for LG to intensify the camera feature for its LG G7 to give it a lavish look and sumptuous place in the industrial market. LG Company has still kept a lot of cloak and dagger for its upcoming LG G7.

Both cameras in LG G6 are equipped with a phase autofocus and optical stabilization and in the case of “ordinary” cameras this stabilization – triaxial «OIS». A nice bonus is the ability to shoot in the format “for professional photographers» – RAW, which helps you edit pictures in special programs, for example, Light Room or Camera RAW. The smartphone records video in ultra-high resolution 4K at 30 frames per second, and the user can capture images in Full HD at 60 FPS. According to an investor, the splendid camera of the forthcoming beast LG G7 is completely ready with its glorious picture quality to face its strong competitors.

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