Ease US Data Recovery Software: A Perfect Companion In The Hour Of Need

Data Recovery Software
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Ease US data recovery software has been one of the leading software among recover software. Due to its productive tools and effective features, it has made its way to the top. The software utilizes an interactive interface, which is easy-to-use. It is user-friendly, and can easily be used by beginners as well as tech experts alike.

The software can recover various different file types such as compressed, email, documents, music and video. It can help the user in hard drive recovery and to recover files, which had been permanently deleted by mistake or lost due to certain situations, such as OS crash, system crash, lost partition, hard disk crash, corrupted disk, formatted disk, virus attacks, malware etc.

The software recovers files with the help of data remnants, which are left behind by files that had been deleted. The software looks for these remnants, finds them, and reconstructs them back into the original file.

The search mode of the software comprises of two parts, which are as follows:

  • Quick Scan Mode

In this scan mode, more emphasis is put onto speed of the search. The results are displayed within a few minutes, as the software runs a quick overview of the disk in search of data remnants. It recovers all lost files, which had been deleted mistakenly or emptied from the recycle bin.

  • Deep Scan Mode

The deep scan mode is a slower mode, as it has a wider search perspective. It searches for inaccessible, hidden and system files, and all lost files, which had been lost anytime in the past. It is a more in-depth mode, as it dives deep down into the memory to search for files, due to which it takes more time than the initial mode.

When the quick scan mode ends, the deep scan mode is automatically initiated, while the results of the quick scan mode are displayed. The user can choose to cancel the deep scan mode, and recover from the results displayed or ignore the results and continue with the deep scan mode for more results. As the deep scan mode ends, the user has the option to recover multiple files at once.

The software offers a number of features to the user including the feature of importing and exporting results, so that you do not have to search for files again and again. A preview feature is also offered in case the user is not sure about the file name, and wants to recover on the basis of content. Other features include the ability to recover anywhere on the system, filter results according to their type, search for files using file names etc.

All in all, Ease US data recovery software offers one of the finest solution to recovery problems of a user. With the use of an intuitive interface and peculiar features, it tops various other recovery tools. It can be called as the perfect companion in the hour of need, when your important data has left by your side and you need to recover it as soon as possible.

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