Why Ditching Conventional Curtains for Window Blinds Is a Better Option for You?

Are you thinking of decking up your home interior? If yes, then what are you are planning to do? Last time, when I met a client who wanted to...
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Are you thinking of decking up your home interior? If yes, then what are you are planning to do? Last time, when I met a client who wanted to redecorate his home, he first asked me to change the paint and then the furniture. Being an interior designer, it is not difficult for me to chalk out a plan for renovation. But, to think of the expenses, I asked that client to refrain from the ideas that he was mulling over. Rather, I wanted to focus on the minor details. He initially did not believe that minor details can cause some radical transformations. But, he was astonished to see the results afterward. Do you know what exactly I changed in his home? I started with changing the window treatments of the house. Though he was pretty reluctant to get rid of his conventional dramatic curtains yet, I ended up convincing him that he needs to switch to something else. I suggested to ditch the curtains and install blinds in the home.

Now, you must be wondering, why I felt that blinds are a better option for his home in Melbourne, right? If yes, then I must tell you that there are just too many advantages of blinds that can make it a winner over curtains. That is why blinds in Melbourne are a popular choice for all homeowners these days. There had been days when people used to think that blinds are apt for office windows. But, with time, blinds are becoming suitable for homes too because of their evolving designs and style. So, if you are wondering whether you should choose blinds over curtains or not, then read the following points to know more.

Better Control over Light and Privacy

If you have curtains on home windows, you surely know that it is not really helpful if you want to control light and privacy. If you want the natural light to come in the room, you have to compromise with the privacy. But, you cannot let the prying eyes of onlooker disrupt your regular activities at home, right? For that, choosing blinds can be helpful. If you choose roller blinds, it will block out the light to ensure your privacy. If you choose Vertical or Venetian blinds, it will let you enjoy the light while keeping your presence obscured. So, don’t you think blinds are better than curtains?


Functionality is one of the major factors that you need to consider when you are investing in some feature of your home decor. And, in the aspect of functionality blinds are a sure winner. Why? Blinds are easy to operate and don’t create any fuss while opening or closing. Along with serving the purpose of maintaining privacy, it offers the homeowners an ease of handling that is not available in the case of curtains. So, if you are looking for a functional window covering then, there is no alternative to window blinds.

Easy Maintenance

If you have curtain, you have to wash it time and again. But, the problem is that with time, and after several washes, the curtains lose their colours and softness. Moreover, when you remove the curtains from the window to wash, the window remains uncovered. On the other hand, blinds are easy to maintain. You just have to wipe the dust with a wet cloth or vacuum it. So, if you are a homeowner who is very busy with his/her hectic schedule then, blinds can be the best choice to cover the windows.

Countless Styles

While choosing curtains or drapes, you will get a wide variety of materials but, the style is always the same. However, while you are choosing blinds you will have the chance to choose from countless styles. There are many materials, styles, patterns and colours of blinds that can easily perk up the home decor. Moreover, according to the requirements of the room, you can choose the style and material of the blinds.

So, when blinds have so much facility, why invest in curtains? Find a reputed store for installing the blinds and forget all your worries.

Author Bio: David Martin is a famous blogger and interior designer. He is associated with designing roller blinds. Read his blog to know about Blinds Melbourne.

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