A Complete Synopsis of Product Inspections at Various Stages

A key quality control element refers to verifying the quality of the product on site and this is done in different stages during the process of production and also...
Product Inspections

A key quality control element refers to verifying the quality of the product on site and this is done in different stages during the process of production and also before dispatching is referred to as Product Inspections. Inspecting products before leaving the premises of a manufacturer is an effective way of avoiding quality problems and also to stop supply chain interruptions down the line.

Inspectors check products as per the specifications to ensure the requirements are met and this also includes passing the destination market international standards. Using the checklists of inspection, you can select and customize your needs online, so that a standard quality control process is followed and the quality key concerns are communicated to all the involved parties regarding this inspection.

Why Get?

 There is a need for product inspections for the following reasons:

  • It ensures the quality of product at each stage of production.
  • Verifies at source quality and denies paying for defective goods.
  • Optimizes the budget of quality control
  • Avoids reputational damage and recalls
  • Anticipate shipment and production delays.


Product inspections help in protecting your company’s reputation and your brand. It minimizes the defective merchandise, late shipments, non-compliant products and customer complaints.

It is crucial for manufacturers to verify the manufactured products, get it shipped and distributed in the brand name, thereby meeting the government regulations and meeting industry specific requirements.

As a third party inspection, you can hire someone from outside so that they conduct various inspections onsite and ascertain the reputation, brand and consumers are safe. Thus, the product inspections are of great aid to manufacturers such as:

  • Product safety
  • Reduced defective merchandise
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Eliminates late shipments 

Types of Inspections

There are three types of inspections namely:

Pre-Production Inspections

This inspection begins with inspecting the components and materials before the beginning of the production. The factory materials, accessories and components are verified. Then a random selection is done to inspect partially produced products sample for potential defects and the findings are reported.  If essential, technical advice is provided to improve quality of the product and to reduce defects during the process of production.

During Production Inspections

During this inspection the products are checked to confirm if they are ideal for shipments of sizable quantities. Inspection is done to see if the product lines are followed strictly keeping to on-time shipments as per the requirements and as a follow-up inspection is done checking for flaws. During production inspection, is done when nearly 10-15% merchandise is ready. This inspection is done to examine the products for defects.

At this point if required, corrective measures advice is given to ensure product uniformity and quality. Re-checking is done for defects observed and it is confirmed if rectified.

Final Random Inspections

This Inspection starts after the completion of the production and when all the merchandise is ready and shipment packed. As per industry standards, sample products are verified for their product safety, function, workmanship, quantity, size, color, packing and many more. All this is done to ascertain the product is compliant with the country, consistent or meets the specified requirements and there are no minor or major defects.


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