As we all know and might have experienced living in some other country that changes you forever. You would never be the same as you were before and would...
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As we all know and might have experienced living in some other country that changes you forever. You would never be the same as you were before and would not see things in a similar way again. Yet, for our friends staying abroad or returning from abroad or planning a return back to home, they might want to get relax and would love to enjoy their vacations over here. The first thing a person that goes abroad experiences is a “Reverse Cultural Shock”, which is a natural thing, as each country or region has their own cultural values and faiths. Our hometown which always gives us a sense of great comfort and belonging, upon returning back seems stifling and bereft of affection. As we stay abroad roaming in the streets in a foreign land, we feel something is missing but we cannot judge what it can be. We come across the eventual reality as we come back home. Anyone travelling to a foreign land seals his/her fate at the moment of boarding the plane. To be frank, there isn’t a real way to illustrate this sentiment to those who haven’t experienced it upon themselves.  It is somehow like free-falling. It feels as if one is floating without an aim on restless waters, he/she would feel distinctly ungrounded. Mentioned below are some ways to welcome your friend.

  1. Throwing a Party and Gift beautiful flowers: A friend can be depressed about his return from wherever they were residing. So, when you see him/her you can gift beautiful flowers, or you can arrange an online flower delivery for you friend. Even if the fact that they are excited to meet and see you, they are also bidding goodbyes to a group of friends as well as places they just visited or were staying. The situation gets a little complicated or sad for them. The best thing a person can do for his friend in such a complex emotional situation is to throw a welcome party. A party can be a great idea for a certain few reasons. It would be a blind-side of all the emotions and sadness that they might be going through, it would let them feel welcomed and would give them a chance to re-connect with so-called old friends.
  1. 2: Tell them that you Read their Blogs: Even if you haven’t read their travel blogs, no big issues are concerned with that, not everyone in the world specifically does that in a routine. But we can lie that we had read their blogs, our friend might not have to repeat every freaking travel thing that occurred during his/her journey in the past experiences. This would help them to not reside upon it as much they thought of, and it would surely help us to preserve our sanity. 
  1. Try to be Active with Them: If we are in a city or by a city which may or may not be the hometown of your friend; or it can be the city where we graduated or studied, we can explore the new things happened or happening in the city with our returned friend. Show them that the city isn’t as bad as they had left before. 
  1. Remind them of Old Comforts: There are many things your friend cannot get staying in abroad. Remind them of all good and memorable things that they had missed, all the well-known faces they loved, about the childhood or college times you spent with your returned friend and even about the people they had barely hung out with.

A good friend back there can help to recover those precious hometown memories by welcoming them in a number of ways, certain ways to welcome a friend coming back from abroad are mentioned above in the article.

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