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Hitachi:  If you are looking for an air conditioner that will keep you comfortable all through the day by helping you to combat the heat and humidity, then take a look at the Hitachi Window Air Conditioner that is available at a pocket-friendly price. This air conditioner can be used at home or in the office. It is easy to install and is extremely useful. Various features like Fan Speed Adjustment, Dry Mode, Koukin Filter, Auto Restart feature, Auto Climate technology, Auto Saver Mode and many more, makes this product a must-have for every home or office that requires efficient cooling. The shape and structure of the AC will fit most standard sized windows. The wires and ductwork can be concealed to make it look tidy.

LG:  Now feel fresh and comfortable the year around, with the new intelligent LG dry mode. The fan operates at the lowest speed in the dry mode, ensuring more contact with saturated air, thus helping in dehumidification. Special fine mesh filter kills the bacteria in the air; it also catches all the dust particles in the air. The air conditioner controls the fan automatically to provide comfortable room conditions. The timer allows you to turn on or off the AC at the time of your choice for an undisturbed sleep. LG dry mode, the fan operates at the lowest speed in the dry mode, ensuring more contact with saturated air.

Daikin:  In case you are looking for an air conditioner, take a look at the Daikin Split Air Conditioner. Enjoy enhanced cooling this summer with the Daikin Split Air Conditioner and beat the heat in style. Daikin has always focused on creating sleek, modem air conditioners that coordinate smoothly with any type of interior decor. This air conditioner efficiently cools and disperses cold air evenly across the room. This air conditioner has different modes to suit your requirements. This AC is a perfect addition to your living room or office as it has a sleek white body and looks very classy. Split Air Conditioner is an inverter type air conditioner and apart from efficient cooling the air conditioner helps in bringing down the electricity bill in the long run.

Samsung: The Samsung Air Conditioner Price in India keeps your room air cool during all conditions and enables you to breathe fresh and clean air day in day out. The compact structure helps in comfortable installation as this appliance has a space efficient design. The strong air cooling technology offers quick results and it is equipped with an air purifying mechanism which is effective as well. This is the best replacement for your old cooling system. You can now move on to advanced technology to experience fast cooling. This is an energy efficient cooling system that ensures smooth and uninterrupted functioning. This air conditioner has different modes to suit your requirements.

Blue Star:  You can enjoy cool and fresh air by installing the Blue Star Air Conditioner Price in India. This air conditioner saves power as well as your monthly expenditure on electricity bill. This air conditioner from the popular brand Blue Star comes with a smooth front panel that adds to its look. This air conditioner has ergonomic buttons that allow users to operate it in an easy manner. It comes with a temperature and timer control which is intelligent enough to turn the device off once the desired temperature is reached, therefore saving a lot of power and bringing down the monthly electricity bill. With a fine quality rotary compressor.

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