Best Maharashtrian Dishes One Must Try Once In Their Life Time

Maharashtrian food is made up of desi masalas and is all about the unique style of cooking. If you travel the whole state, you will keep on experiencing noteworthy...
Maharashtrian Dishes

Maharashtrian food is made up of desi masalas and is all about the unique style of cooking. If you travel the whole state, you will keep on experiencing noteworthy changes in local ingredients and flavours.

Every single belt of Maharashtra like Mumbai has its own flamboyance. In Kolhapur,you will find food being spiced up with some chillies and Kolhapuri corn kernel recipe needs a special mention,and the Konkan region has its own style of cooking it by using cashew nuts and coconut milk.

Let’s unravel some of the classical Maharashtrian cuisines.

  1. VadaPav: If you havetravelled to any corner of Maharashtra, you will find that VadaPav is indeed the staple snack of every Maharashtrian. Bollywood can be credited for the mouth publicity that it has done for this delicacy over the years.
  2. Misla or UsalPav: One will have to say that it is the second most famous Maharashtrian snack after VadaPav. MisalPav is butter lightly toasted bread served with hot and spicy gravy. Topped with vegetables like onions, and tomatoes and when on the go it can be the best lunch or an evening snack.
  3. Corn Bhel: Though it has recently come in trend,when you look around you will find people queuing up to have a Corn Bhel. If one actually wants to know how to make crispy corn taste so delicious, one should try roadside masala corn bhel. For people who don’t like spicy food can try butter corn bhel.
  4. KandePohe: Ask randomly any child in Maharashtra what he hadfor breakfast. 8 out 10 will say KandePohe. It’s that popular dish in Maharashtra. If you are in Maharashtra, then it’s too good a dish to miss out.
  5. Kolhapuri Mutton Rassa: For the ones who love eating meat, this is the dish for them. Kolhapuri food is best known for its use of chillies in various forms, and Mutton Rassa is certainly not for the delicate tummy’s, as Kolhapuri Mutton Rassa is one of the spiciest foods you can ever have. For every spicy food lover,it is something which can’t be missed.
  6. PuranPoli: We have discussed spicy, so now let’s discuss the favourite sweet dish of Maharashtra and that is PuranPoli. The size of the poli may differ, but one thing is guaranteed that you will hardly find it smaller than the size of your dinner plate. It immediately melts in your mouth, served with ghee in abundance.Though it’s heavy, you still need to keep space for it; otherwise, you will be missing out on one of the best delicacies of Maharashtra.

The whole of Maharashtra is just crazy about food. And why shouldn’t they be, when so many exclusive Marathi dishes are there. Above mentioned dishes are just some of the best Maharashtrian dishes. Other Maharashtrian dishes include snacks like SabudanaVada and Bhakarwadi. How can one forget Mumbai’s best street food that is PavBhaji? Thus, Maharashtra offers dishes that go well with all taste buds.

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