Art Displaying Tips for Renters

The people living in rented houses are very well-acquainted with the pain and challenges of personalising their spaces. Generally, the houses having boring interiors with hardly any traces of...
extraordinary modern art

The people living in rented houses are very well-acquainted with the pain and challenges of personalising their spaces. Generally, the houses having boring interiors with hardly any traces of colour and owners refuse to grant any permission pertaining to any kind of modifications. With uninteresting spaces the only way one can add some character is by means of art. Whether it is paintings or sculptures, art can help in so many different ways to bring a personal effect to a boring and dull house.

Investing in art is a great option for renters as it helps in personalising a house without seeking the consent of the owner. Modern art for sale can be found at any gallery and they are a great buy for tenants. As continuous movement is a part of life, it is better to opt for affordable art pieces as expensive artworks might end up damaging if mishandled.

Surely adding art pieces to personalisethe look of a rented home can look like a challenging task, but the following tips will surely help you in giving the much needed breath of customisation to your standard looking new house.

  • Shelves to the rescue:
    Your owner might be apprehensive about drilling the entire wall in order to create a gallery wall, but he would certainly give a green signal to putting up a shelf. The wall shelves work as a great place to keep your artworks. Based on the personal preference and number of artworks you can create an entire series of beautiful art pieces on the shelf. Try to place the shelf somewhere near the eye level in order to make it look more appeasing. A smaller shelf with lesser pieces can be placed above a piece of furniture like sofa or bed in the centre. This will help in bringing more character to the room.
  • Playing around with textures:
    If dull walls and boring décor is what you dread, then try adding some life with textures. It is quite possible that your landlord might not be pleased with you putting up wallpapers for textures, but he won’t have issues with other décor items which don’t need any drilling. So, try and incorporate texture with the help of wall prints, rugs, cushions, etc. In fact, you can find modern art for sale at different art galleries in different textures. Paintings are a great way to add texture and drama without going overboard.
  • Say no to nails and yes to washi tape & hanging strips/hooks:
    If you’re bound by a no-holes- allowed clause in the agreement, then washi tapes and hanging strips are your best friend. Place them on the wall and then try hanging any artwork in order to bring in more dimension to your otherwise blank looking space. These are easily removable and are sturdy enough to securely hold art pieces. However, it is recommended that you check the durability of the hooks or washi tape in order to avoid any breakages. In fact, you can also create a beautiful salon gallery wall near the staircase or entryway using these affordable hooks to add beauty to your place.
  • Leaning artworks:
    If you have a distinct statement piece of art, then try doing something unexpected. Rather than placing it on the wall of your living room, try leaning it against the wall to show off its beauty. This gives a unique look and no nails are necessary to achieve it. Additionally, this tip works wonderfully well when you have multiple paintings as you can layer them. Try placing small and medium sized pieces together to attain a distinct look. If you aren’t very much comfortable with placing your art on the floor, then you can display them on a table or any other medium of your choice. It would look equally beautiful each time.

Aforementioned tips are great for any renter who has shifted recently in a new house as they not only help in displaying art prominently, but also ensure that the condition of the walls is adequately maintained. There are numerous galleries which put up extraordinary modern art for sale along with other genres of art. In a dull looking house you can definitely breathe the freshness by means of good artworks.

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