Whenever you hire an AC installation service in Gurgaon, the very first thing you do is leave the entire work to the technicians and relax in your room. Moreover, that’s the reason why most of the times you suffer from post-installation problems.

Experts say that leaving the entire work under the guidance of the technicians is not a brilliant thing to do. AC is quite an expensive appliance, and on top of the cost, it’s one of the necessities that you need functioning correctly in your life.

So, rather than sitting behind and watching the technicians doing their job, please take a look at the things they are doing, the toolkit they have carried along with them, and so on.

With that in mind, here we have discussed some of the typical installation mistakes that are committed for most of the times.

Improper wiring system

Most of the times, technicians make mistakes in wrongly installing the ACs by not doing the correct wiring. This can even lead to short circuit if the live and the neutral wire are shorted. Sometimes, the earth wire is not connected correctly, and hence your appliance will have a high chance to suffer from overloading problems.

Choosing an incorrect AC unit size

The unit size is described by the ton, and if you decide the wrong size, you are inevitably going to suffer from the installation problems. So, first, understand what this ton means and then look for the correct AC for the room.

No insulation on the suction line

Longer suction lines must always be adequately insulated, rather heavily because the primary function of the line is to transfer the evaporated gas to the condenser part. Unless protected, the line is going to malfunction.

No space between the AC and the wall

There should always be some space between your AC and the wall, even if it’s split AC. When the AC is on, it causes some vibration, thanks to the motor which is controlling the movement of the liquid inside. So, without proper space, the AC won’t be able to vibrate properly.

Too long refrigerant pipes

Choosing a proper AC gas filling service in Gurgaon is very important because they know the exact length of the refrigerant pipes you need. Longer pipes will make the completion of the cooling cycle incomplete, thereby making it difficult to get the desired cooling effect.

Airflow is not considered

During the installation of the AC, one of the major factors that most technicians overlook is the airflow. Moreover, as a result after installation, most of the times you don’t receive the desired airflow as mentioned on the AC features.

Installation of an improper drainage system

Any blockades in the AC drainage system will lead to leaks and moisture accumulation near the AC. This can further reduce the work efficiency of the appliance.

No proper ventilation system in the room

Ventilation is essential and sometimes, the AC technicians overlook the matter entirely. This is the reason why you cannot feel the proper airflow in case no ventilation is established inside.

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