Beat the Heat with Best Running Shoes for Women

Best Running Shoes for Women
womens sport shoes
womens sport shoes

Hot runs are an undeniable fact in summery weather. As running teaches to adjust and plan for challenges, now is the time to get you ready. Instead of hiding from sunlight and hot days, put on your best sports shoes for women or men and prepare the miles without allowing toasty heats to limit your practice. Here is how you can do it:


It is advisable to drink any fluid about 2 hours before running. It will ensure the level of hydration in the body and give time to eliminate excess water. When running on a sunny day, your body may release 3 to 5 pints of fluid every hour. The easiest guideline is to drink enough water so that your urine persist pale yellow color.

If you are planning to run for more than 30 mins, it is best to bring water with you. Never try to replace the fluid with water. It leads to overhydrating because water simply cannot fulfill the salt demand in the body. Energy drinks contain electrolytes that can easily satisfy this need.

Run slow

You might notice a bit of change in your pace in super hot days, but that’s fine. You don’t have to push your body off the bridge during the summer days. You have to give consideration to the anticipated effort. It is necessary to know you will be slower than you expected, but the energy is the decisive part. So be wise and run slow.

Avoid peak sun timings

In summer days, everyone becomes a disturbing early morning alarm. However, running in the early morning or evening can be a much better and cooler option than peak hour runs like midday run. Night running is a way better option than usual. But just be careful about safety and extra visibility.

Jog Inside

Just like winter, when the foggy weather forced you to jog on your treadmill, summer also has its reasons. Of course, it is not perfect, but treadmills or any gym equipment is a great alternative for you. It can save you from running in 95-degree temperatures. It is a safer option to hydration and exhaustion caused by heat.

Cover your face

Wearing a hat is a great option in winter as it traps heat inside your body. But it is a big no-no in the summer days. So exchange your hat for a visor or headband. In the summer, guard your face with a lightweight visor or sunscreen. Go for moisture absorbing headbands to keep your hair away from your face. Search for light colored caps and headbands, so it doesn’t attract heat that much.

Seek for shade

As usual, easy answers go a long way. Don’t run on a route which doesn’t have shades and trees on way. Find a spot which is suitable for running and is well shaded. In cities, take advantages of tall and skyscraping buildings to mold the sun.

Dress properly

If you are a regular runner then you have to own the best pair of shoes for running that you can get from the best shoe supplier in India. Wear clothes that are lightweight and loose. Do not expose your body to the sun. Do not forget to wear a good sunscreen to shield you from sunlight. Put sunscreen at least 20mins before going out.

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