5 Modern Trends Impacting Apartment Living in 2017

With apartment living and rental, there’s always something new to hear like a new community comprising modern apartments and varying cost per interior features. Much like the rapid evolution...
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With apartment living and rental, there’s always something new to hear like a new community comprising modern apartments and varying cost per interior features. Much like the rapid evolution of the world, so does the news of apartment living especially innovative features finding their way into apartment-lifestyle that’s pretty much acceptable and appealing. With so many trends making an impact, here’s what we’re likely to see in 2017 and beyond.

  1. Apartment & Internet of Things – The futuristic approach

Internet of Things (IoT) is enjoying the limelight for quite a while and its integration in apartment living defines the next step in radical development. Also coined as “inter-networking”, the merging of devices, vehicles, building and other technical aspects nowadays are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and more allowing objects to interact and exchange information.

Alexa by Amazon and “Home” feature over iOSplatforms are leading the way especially when it comes to apartment living and rental. Smart homes of the future that we’re already seeing nowadays are interconnected with your smart devices. Turning on the AC, open/close front door and other functions can be executed with a simple click.

Apartment homeowner or construction companyinvest heavily to oversee integration of technology in living units. An average renter however is at an advantage as he gets to enjoy the luxury without overpaying.

  1. Size matters: Bigger not always better

Bigger apartments have always been preferred over smaller units by both; buyers and renters. However, the trend has now changed as smaller units are finding their way especially in well-developed metropolises. Small apartment units is a lucrative bargain allowing both homeowners and renters to take cost-effective measures on space, interior stuff and other features especially when it comes to integrated technology.

On the contrary, larger families with children prefer bigger space for maximum comfort and convenience whereas younger singles and Baby Boomers seek smaller apartments. It’s incredible how a few development companies took creativity to the next level and built apartment units out of recycled shipping containers with furnished interior and basic amenities. In the light of this particular trend, we’re likely to see small apartments bearing high demand!

  1. Real-time luxury amenities

Along with the Internet of Things (IoT) and smaller compounds, the very environment and other essential aspects of apartment living and rental have transformed. Instead of venturing out into the market and conduct research, apartment communities bring them right to you. This isn’t something unusual with fitness and sports complexes but in-house movie theatres and pop-up restaurants are on emerging trends.

Door-to-door delivery service of necessary items and groceries is now a mainstay in most developed cities. Realising the fact, apartment developers introduced notification and locker systems ensuring every inhabitant enjoys the luxury.

  1. Change in rental cost

I’d like to mention one real estate firm that deals in apartments for rent in Dubai, for such concrete data over the pointer. Majority of conversation over the last few years are those associated to cost especially around the apartment units. In highly competitive markets, rental cost for a single unit may account half the occupant’s income but this particular trend is changing fast. Market nowadays is more of renters and we’re seeing rapid drop in prices even with increased competition. It means one can afford some of the best units in premium locations allowing tenants to enjoy luxuries on a budget.

  1. Style & design aspects

Apartment living and rental give you the freedom to decorate the interior that’s more appealing however only after consulting the owner. You can get creative and expressive without breaking the building rules. Being neutral is much preferred as you can’t simply decorate every room with stylish design and chic furniture, swanky floor layout and other aspects.


The imminent future of apartment living would definitely fit your need, budget and lifestyle. Finding the best apartment unit may seem overwhelming but you can simplify the entire thing right from the start using internet as your primary search medium and online property portals. For now, consider the above trends impacting apartment living and rental in 2017 and probably beyond.

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