4 Reasons Marketing Automation is Important for Small Businesses

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Whether you are a small business owner or a business tycoon, you need to keep offering your customers the best service possible in order to prevent them from going to your competitors. Moreover, your business literally can’t survive without marketing because that is the only way you can generate leads and let the world know that you exist and that you are offering amazing products or services.

While larger businesses have huge marketing budgets, smaller businesses have fewer resources and must effectively control their costs in order to compete in the tough business environment. However, they need to market their goods too, generate leads, and convert those leads into sales – all of that with less manpower than their larger counterparts.

Enter marketing automation! This software basically fulfills the role of a marketing team but does it very quickly and without the additional hassle. While marketing teams perform a variety of tasks on a daily basis including sending emails, devising social media strategies, completing subscription lists, writing blogs, and other similar jobs, marketing automation software takes it a notch higher.

Marketing automation software helps organizations score leads, send targeted emails, integrate their website, and profile customers. It then nurtures those leads and helps business owners turn them into sales.

The software’s popularity is increasing day by day and 91% of users state that marketing automation is essential for the success of a company and its growth; In fact, over 49% of B2B companies are currently using marketing automation software.

We know that marketing automation software makes the life of small business owners easier and helps them perform marketing functions much faster. While those are valid reasons to adopt marketing automation, there is a lot more. Why exactly should small businesses use marketing automation? Let’s explore!

Shorter sales cycles

Marketing automation cuts the sales process short. This means that the time between customer interest and the final purchase is reduced, which consequently allows the business to make a sale sooner than usual and more efficiently. Subsequently, the effort needed to make a sale is minimized, and the costs associated with it lower too enabling the sales team to work on pursuing other leads.

A study states that approximately 88% of companies that used sales automation software were successful in converting leads to sales, exemplifying how effective automation is.

No more mundane tasks to take care of

Small companies have a lot to do and have very little time to do it all. Marketing automation software takes care of tedious and mundane tasks, allowing the marketing and sales team to focus on other important tasks that may require their utmost attention. Hence, marketing automation software takes care of repetitive tasks such as emailing customers, conducting surveys, completing online advertising, and improving overall customer experience.

How is that beneficial? It saves time and energy and as small businesses have limited resources including fewer employees, it is best for them to use their resources optimally. Using marketing automation software means that they have more time to focus on more important things, while many of the smaller tasks are automatically taken care of.

Customer retention begins to shoot

One of the most difficult yet most important tasks of any business is increasing customer retention. It all begins with customer engagement, leads to customer interest, and then results in a sale, which then ideally results in a loyal customer who makes repeat purchases. Marketing automation helps with this as one of its main functions is converting leads into customers and then ensuring that customers remain engaged and loyal to a particular brand.

Marketing automation software ensures that the business targets customers at the right place and at the right time. The software analyzes customer profiles and predicts what the customer needs at a particular point in time and works on providing just that.

Advanced versions of marketing automation software even go as far as predicting consumer intentions and then attempting to encourage the customer to promptly purchase a product that they most likely want.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Tells you how well you did

After you complete a marketing campaign, you probably want to know how well you did at it and what the results were. In fact, without analyzing the results of marketing campaigns, all that work is more or less baseless.

However, the task is rather demanding and means that small businesses must tie up their resources in order to make calculations and review reports. Luckily, there is no need to do all that as marketing automation software does it all for you.

The software tracks the costs of a marketing campaign and then compares them to the ROI, determining whether the marketing campaign has been successful or not. This is the perfect tool to use to make decisions regarding future marketing campaigns and figuring out what is working for your business and what is not.

The software calculates the response rate for a particular campaign. This allows small business owners to decide whether a particular campaign should be continued with or it should be shelved. This strategy ensures that your business only focuses on campaigns that are effective and is appropriately engaging customers. In some regions of world many companies offer their service that reduce your fixed cost for the service, such as In many stats of US different  firms offer these kind of assistant. Example: Management IT service Atlanta, Managed service Texas and several more.   

Marketing automation software is highly popular and also affordable. Hence, small businesses can easily purchase and use them. Additionally, adopting marketing automation is likely to cut costs which means that purchasing it is definitely an economical investment and one that is likely to take the business a long way.

Another important aspect of this software is that businesses can employ fewer workers and save salary costs. The personnel working on trivial tasks will receive substantial assistance in his work, through marketing automation software, and will also receive guidance on how to take marketing plans further.

Some marketing automation software are free of cost while others are highly affordable. You can use software such as LeadSuis, Sales Autopilot, and Azuqua if you are searching for a free or highly affordable option. Other options include GetResponse, Infusionsoft, Zoho Campaigns, and SendinBlue.

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    Awesome article! Seems like this tech can help in optimising the work and with time make lead generation more efficient. Thanks for the marketing automation software solutions. I’ll definitely find something for myself. I’ll check out GetResponse first.

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