Why Do You Need A Travel Insurance Policy?

Travel Insurance Policy
Travel Insurance Policy
Travel Insurance Policy

Travelling, although popular, has its share of risks. An uninsured traveller perpetually remains vulnerable to dangers on both domestic and international trips. Unpredictable situations provide compelling reasons for travellers to opt for travel insurance. Some of the benefits of travel insurance are explained below:

Compensates for trip cancellations and delays: 

Extreme weather conditions or a sudden outbreak of civil disturbances in the travel destination can often lead to trip cancellations which, in turn, can inflict huge financial losses on an uninsured traveller. Needless to say, such situations can be very agonising to an uninsured traveller.

However, availing a travel insurance policy can lead to the minimisation of such losses, since it compensates travellers during such testing times. Hotel overstays under such unfavourable circumstances are also covered under some travel insurance policies available in the market.

Offers vital assistance during medical exigencies: 

A sudden medical emergency has the potential to disrupt travelling and often becomes life-threatening for an uninsured traveller. Both international and domestic travel insurance plans in India provide assistance during such exigencies. Travel insurance policies guarantee travel assistance and all day long emergency services.

It provides compensation to cover hospitalisation and air ambulance expenses as well as evacuation costs. Certain foreign countries have exorbitant treatment costs which can be taken care of by buying the right travel insurance plan.

Provides coverage for baggage and document losses: 

Baggage loss is one of the most common problems faced by travellers. If a traveller loses his crucial documents such as passport, traveller’s cheque, and tickets, it can get even more stressful. In such situations, travel insurance policies prove to be of great help. Travel Insurance plans do provide reimbursement for such losses and help in obtaining duplicate documents. However, most travel insurance policies exclude luxury items in a traveller’s baggage.

Offers assistance for loss due to personal accidents, injuries, and demise: 

It is quite possible for a traveller to meet with a serious accident or get injured while travelling. Some serious injuries can cause permanent disabilities which can make a person incapable of earning. In such challenging circumstances, travel insurance plans provide compensation to the family members for a stipulated period of time.

A traveller may even lose his/her life due to accidents or injuries.  The best travel insurance plan provides a lump sum amount to the traveller’s family members and heirs as compensation for a definite time period.

Reduces losses caused by fraud related to debit/credit cards: 

Credit card and debit cards are a convenient alternative for making swift payments and online bookings of flight and rail tickets for travellers. A debit/credit card loss or fraudulent activity can spoil travel plans.

However, having a travel insurance policy allows the traveller to get a replacement within a short span of time. In addition, some good travel insurance companies reimburse the losses caused due to fraudulent activities involving the debit/credit card.

Helps in evacuations during public disorders, disasters, and riots: 

Several tourist destinations worldwide are quite unstable due to incidents of mass violence, riots, and political conflicts. Others are prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. In such adverse circumstances, travel insurance policies can actually help save lives by facilitating rapid emergency evacuation services.

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