Which is the fastest microprocessor for your phone?

The market of smartphones is competitive in stature. With entrants of new players in the market, there is a whole hearted effort to grab a pie of the cake....
Mara device
Mara device

The market of smartphones is competitive in stature. With entrants of new players in the market, there is a whole hearted effort to grab a pie of the cake. Because of the price war, customers are benefitted immensely and a popular choice would be Mara Phone Rwanda Limited that has gone on to generate a lot of interest in the last few years. This is a one of its kind smartphone in the market that provides a user with the true value of money.

What is the definition of an ideal phone! This would mean a camera, coupled with a long battery life along with a decent processor. The processor of the phone is what contributes to the speed and efficiency. A host of companies are there that go on to produce microprocessors in the market. Every smartphone that you purchase in the market has a microprocessor that is produced by itself or even outsourced from a third party. Even the company goes on to produce different models for every processor. This is the same strategy that is adopted by Mara device that has been popular in the market.

The different type of processors

Snapdragon series

This is one of the popular types of microprocessors in the smartphone market. The ARM architecture is followed and ever since its inception the company has gone on to come up a long way. This is a processor that would allow the phone to come along with additional features and the best part is that the processor supports 5 G network pointing to the fact that all the phones having snapdragon 855 are expected to possess 5 G connectivity. The device is expected to use less amount of power in comparison to the predecessors.  One of the few processors in the market that goes on supports a 64 bit approach.

Kirin series

A Chinese company formed in the year 2014, with a thickness of 7 mm it is the thinnest microprocessor of the world. The focus is more on AI ensuring it is an AI powered device. In fact the phone can go on to capture images up to 32 megapixels. Another notable feature of this app is that it allows heavy gaming.

Exynox series

This advocates an ARI architectural approach. The processor might not be all that popular, but still it goes on to provide outstanding features. The videos can be recorded in 4 k format. The processor is designed keeping the needs of photography in mind. Nearly up to 4 camera sensors this processor can support meaning the dual camera along with the sensor. The list of features does make it a powerhouse of technology. To wind it up wireless charging is allowed by the processor.

Every microprocessor that is available in the market does come with its own speciality. The onus is on a user to opt for one as per their requirements.  A thing to be noted is that the cost of a phone would be dependent upon the microprocessor to a considerable extent.

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