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The stock market is one of the biggest fields that offer employment as well as earning opportunities to people. In this age the exchange of securities has been made...
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The stock market is one of the biggest fields that offer employment as well as earning opportunities to people. In this age the exchange of securities has been made digital only and hence, one needs to have Demat and trading account to be a part of the stock market. One can easily invest the amount in stocks of the companies or can also go for the trading as a day trader. There is also future and options where one can go for inverse trading as well and earn good profit.

The trading: There are various types of trading in the market. One is known as intraday trading while another is known as derivatives. In the intraday trading also one can buy and sell the stocks on the same day of can hold position for a few days as permitted by the broker. Hence to avail all these facilities one needs to get the best stock broker in India who charge reasonably and at the same time offer best of the class services to the clients. For a broker or a broking company the main revenue comes from the brokerage charges which are levied on the trades only. Hence there is no company or broker who compromise on this point. The client while enrolling for the account is informed about the rates of brokerage as well as other charges that he will have to pay to the company or broker.

The brokerage: The brokerage is an important aspect from client as well as broker point of view. Some brokers charge it as a fixed rate on the turnover while a few also charge it as a fixed amount. At the time of application only this matter is cleared between the client as well as broker. However for a trader it is very important to get an account with lowest brokerage. As it is the main source of income for a company or a broker, he hardly compromises it. However, there are some situations when it has to compromise. There are also some companies that charge lower brokerage from a client who go for an online account rather an offline one.

How to get an account with low brokerage?

Well, there are companies that offer low rate of brokerage but one has to search for them. If a broker or a broking company is new in particular region, it can launch some schemes that offer low rate of brokerage as it just wants to increase the client base in the market.  The brokers, many times, offer low brokerage plans if the client is ready to provide a cheque of some amount as an advanced brokerage. Hence, he just secures his side and at the same time the trader can also save good amount as an expense of brokerage. Such plan proves a win-win situation for the broker as well as the client. It helps to save good amount on every trade for a trader and one must not forget that a rupee saved is a rupee earned only.

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