What is a “High-Quality” Protein and What are the Benefits?

Protein and What are the Benefits
Protein and What are the Benefits
Protein and What are the Benefits

The importance of healthy eating has been rising day by day as more and more people are focusing on what goes into their mouths and are working towards having a healthy and well-balanced meal. This is good news because when you know what foods are good for you and which ones are bad, you tend to stay away from bad options like sugar-based or processed foods.

People who are conscious about what is going into their mouths often cook for themselves or opt for healthy meal delivery options. This approach is right because this way you know every ingredient that goes down your throat.

If you are among those health conscious people, then you should know what is a high quality protein and what are the benefits it offers so that you can make the right purchase decision when looking for perfect protein from a website like Yes Wellness. It’s all mentioned right here.

What is a High-Quality Protein?

Understanding high quality proteins is not an easy task as the quality of protein depends on many factors. High biological value is one of them. Proteins that have a high biological value are those that are ingested and utilized easily by the body. The higher the score of a protein, the higher would be its supply of amino acids that human bodies cannot synthesize.  Eggs are considered among the highest quality protein as they have a score of 100.

Though BV lets you know how much protein will be easily ingested and utilized by your body, it fails to consider the effect of other foods on the digestibility. For instance, if you have red meat for dinner, BV will let you know the how red meat will benefit you, but as many people have a salad or some potatoes with red meat, the digestion of protein will be affected by the digestion of these foods.

In case you don’t trust BV to be enough to tell you whether you are consuming a high-quality protein then you should know about PDCAAS that stands for protein digestibility corrected amino acid score. This score compares the known reference score of different amino acids and corrects it with reference to true digestibility. Foods like whey, eggs, cow’s milk, casein, and soy protein have values of 1, which is the highest possible option.

Another measure that helps you to find out a high-quality protein with ease is its completeness. Proteins that offer all the vital amino acids needed by human bodies are known as complete protein and proteins that have only a few, or just one of the amino acids are known as complete protein.

High Quality Protein Options You Must Consider 

When hoping to change your diet to include more high-quality proteins, you should include eggs, soy, whey, hemp and peas in your meals. One medium sized egg gas PDCAAS score of 1, 7 grams of protein and is a complete protein. Whey is also a complete protein, has PDCAAS score of 1 and about 30 grams of it has 23-grams protein. A 100 grams of beans have 11-grams protein, is a complete protein and has a PDCAAS score of 1. The PDCAAS score of 3 tablespoon hemp seeds and 80-gram peas is 0.5 and both are incomplete proteins. 80-gram peas have just 5-gram protein while 3 tablespoon hemp seeds have 11-grams protein.

Benefits of High-Quality Protein

You should include as many high-quality protein sources in your diet as possible because the benefits of them are innumerable. Some of the benefits are mentioned right here.

Ø  An Essential Component

Protein is a vital component of each cell in your body, and your nails and hair are mostly made from protein.

Ø  Production Purposes

Having high quality protein allows your body to make hormones, enzymes and other vital body chemicals.

Ø  The Building Block

Protein is needed to build and maintain muscles, bones, skin, blood, and cartilage.

Ø  Speedy Recovery and Repair

Protein is essential after a workout, accident or injury as it builds and repairs your tissues.

Ø  Strong Muscles

Adequate amounts of protein allow you to minimize muscle loss and helps in building lean muscle which is usually the workout goal of many people.

Ø  Weight Management

Having ample amounts of protein also helps you to maintain a healthy weight with ease.

Ø  Controlling the Hunger Pangs

Protein is vital for people who hope to reduce their portion size and eat less in a day because it helps in curbing your hunger. 


In essence, it can be seen that though the process of recognizing high quality protein can be a bit challenging, once you develop an understanding of it, you will offer many benefits to your body and mind. Include high quality protein in your diet for a few days or weeks, and you’ll admit that this was the best change you made for your overall health and well-being.

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