Understanding the disorders of nervous system interfering Sleep

Disorders of nervous system interfering Sleep
disorders of nervous system interfering Sleep
disorders of nervous system interfering Sleep

You can often seethat people move their body parts like legs and hands during sleep. According to research, moving legs or hands while sleeping is as a disorder which might affect the nervous system. When it starts, it also causes trouble in sleep. Many people get affected, but the intensity of the disease varies. The person can’t resist moving the limbs during sleep. Sometimes, there is intolerable pain and itching.

The Willis-Ekbom Disease – Acommon sleep disorder

This disease is also called Restless Legs Syndrome and you can commonly find it in women especially expecting mothers. Sometimes kids also have this disease. The severity of the disease is seen in the mothers of late 30s. Many times, the doctors fail to diagnose it accurately and consider it as a sleep disorder. Patient while sleeping feels a sensation in their limbs and they feel the strong uncontrollable urge to move them. The movement makes them feel good. It can occur even when you are relaxing like sitting on a chair, standing, etc.

Different causes of WED or RLS

There are various causes which lead to the restlessness of body parts in sleep like:

  • When there is a low amount of iron in the body, it causes the disorder. Iron deficiency is most commonly found in mothers.
  • Other deficiencies can also cause the disease like deficiency of magnesium. A disease like a thyroid, arthritis, etc. are also considered as cause for Willis -Ekbom Disease
  • The expecting mothers are often diagnosed with a low level of iron on the body, and thus they are also prone to the RLS.
  • Medications like anti depression tablets can also be responsible for causing the disease. When a person stops consuming alcohol, at that time, also he develops the WED.

Ways of diagnosing RLS

There is no particular medical test by which you can diagnose the disease. By checking its symptom, doctors diagnose it in mothers and children. The signs are:

  • The various sensations in legs like tingling, pain, quirkiness in the legs causes an irresistible urging of motion.
  • When a person sits or relaxed for a long time, the sensitivity in legs starts
  • Burning and Painful sensation in body parts

Ways of coping with Disease

There are many ways by which person can fight like:

  • Improve sleep routine. The bedtime and wake up time should be scheduled and maintained properly. Choose the right mattress for sound sleep. Refer the following link https://www.countingsheep.net/ to get information on the mattress.
  • Properly maintain the level of iron by taking on time supplements. Try to overcome the low level of other nutrients as well in body.
  • Regularly massage the veins of legs and arms.
  • Passing electric shocks in the legs under the physiotherapist guidance, to stimulate the motion.
  • Practice Acupuncture points in lower limbs for relief.

The severity of the disorder in the nervous system causes a lot of trouble affecting the sound sleep of women, kids, and others.

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