Mumbai: An Ideal and Best Place to Visit

Are you tired of the pollution and smog in Delhi? And cannot bear the thought of going to the same old places? Fear not, India has many places on...
best place to visit mumbai
best place to visit mumbai

Are you tired of the pollution and smog in Delhi? And cannot bear the thought of going to the same old places? Fear not, India has many places on offer and one of the best places to visit is the city Mumbai. The heart and soul of India, this city is the dream of every small boy from all across the country. This city is a place for opportunity and success. Its charm is unlike any other in the country and the great people of Mumbai are an added bonus. For tourists the allure of Aamchi Mumbai is even greater, the sights and the atmosphere of the city is simply spellbinding. Once you come to Mumbai, its warm embrace will greet you like an old friend.

It would take a long time before one finishes visiting all the places and sights that Mumbai has to offer. For a first time visitor, there are some places which one has to visit and even for seasoned traveller and those who have seen it all, certain places still hold a special value. This can range from the local pav bhaji cart to the monuments and buildings that surround the city. Some of these places are:

Marine Drive: The most popular destination in Mumbai, this place is world famous. When one thinks Mumbai, it is highly likely that the first image that pops into their heads is the image of a crescent beach drive that is lit by the many street lights on its edges. Such is its significance, that almost all the Bollywood movies have a sort of feature of this particular place. It starts from Bandra, a posh locality and ends at the famous Chowpatty beach. The road is 3kms long and one is sure to find a crowd of people walking or sitting engrossed in the view of the ocean. Its popularity means that one is also sure to find a host of great eateries in and around the area. If you are coming to Mumbai for the first time, this place should be a priority on your list.

Victoria Terminus or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus: The headquarters of the western railways, this is one of the busiest stations in the country and a UNESCO world heritage site. It might sound confusing at first, but the one glance at the building and one will understand why it is that way. It was built in the 1870s in honour of Queen Victoria and is one of the well-designed buildings in the world. Borrowing styles from the Gothic-Victorian era, it stands tall and majestic to this day. On a daily basis, one can find a ton of people from all walks of life converging in this place. The experience and nostalgia that one gets from this place are indescribable.

These are just two of the most popular spots in Mumbai and the list is long. You might be surprised at the number of amazing places that this place has in store. All one needs to do now, is look at the Delhi Mumbai flights schedule and book a flight accordingly.

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