Even if your house is clean, it’s actually absolutely filthy!

house clean
house clean
house clean

It is because most of the dirt and dust the house is way too small to see.

Fortunately, its tiny invisibility makes most of us live without knowing this truth about our homes. A quick run around with the routine cleaning and moping is enough to keep us happy.

Twenty-first century homes are compact and packed with dozens of appliances / gadgets. Vacuums are one of the few most important things of us simply couldn’t live without to keep home clean and dirt-free.

We know that vacuums suck up dirt however, how exactly do they work?

And what makes a modern-style vacuum cleaner different from an old-style bag cleaner?

Let’s give a closer look!

The name “vacuum cleaner” is a bit of a giveaway when it comes to explain and understand how the machine works.

Vacuum cleaners work through suction rather a “Suction cleaner” would be a right term than vacuum cleaner online india. The fact is there’s no actual vacuum involved. There exists difference of air pressure, however nowhere is there is an absolute vacuum.

In case you’ve ever applied that cleaning trick using a tissue paper and a comb, you have observed how effective suction can be while removing dirt. If not yet, try it now!

Wrap a small piece of tissue paper around a comb. Then, breath out as much as you can then hold your breath. Place the paper and comb against your mouth. Then, lean against a dusty chair. Now press your mouth and the comb against it. Just breathe in sharply such that you are breathing straight through the comb. Now, distant the comb away from your mouth and examine the tissue paper. Observe how dirty it is!

Assume, what would happen in case you could keep such trick up for hour upon hour, similar to a vacuum cleaner. Eventually, the dirt would pile up on the tissue paper to an extent that air would no longer be able to flow through it properly.

The ability to clean the dirt as a human vacuum cleaner may be greatly impaired. This is a very vital point for a vacuum cleaner to work efficiently; it has to maintain smooth airflow the whole time.

If its bag is filled or its filters are clogged, then its airflow will be dramatically depleted and it won’t pick up dust.

This is a main issue that plagues the cleaning process. Therefore, the future of vacuum cleaners has to be smart. It should be wireless, powered by batteries and strapped to the back. Such that it weighs less, operate without noise and pick up complete dirt. It should be expert cleaner with lasting value for money. The bag less cleaners may fall in some good category. These cleaners usually use internal filters to segregate dust and dirt that is deposited in a plastic bin. And, returns air to the room without disruption.

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