Emirates ID: Rules & Regulations You Should Know

The Emirates Identity Authority is a government body that manages rules and regulations associated to individual’s national identity within the Emirates. Check out the details below to know more...

The Emirates Identity Authority is a government body that manages rules and regulations associated to individual’s national identity within the Emirates. Check out the details below to know more of you Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi and across the region.

Rules for withholding National ID card

The Emirates Identity Authority has emphasised that national ID card mustn’t be held by any private institution or public in response to any service being offered. The rule was introduced following a number of complaints received from people of whom ID cards were seized by different companies such as car rental in return for a guaranteed vehicle. The complaints were usually enquiries held against such laws if they even exist!

For Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi, the rules as came forth are;

“No institution or corporation is allowed to withhold ID card relevant to their employees or visitors. Unless the decision has been taken by court following a pre-existing law, no public or private entity can withhold ID card. Only personal details on the card are to be considered.”

For those having their cards withhold by any authority, they can check legal existence of any such law or else complaint must be filed at relevant authorities.

All those bearing Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi should know legal capacity of entity or individual asking to seize the card for any reason. This is to avoid being a victim of fraud or any such illegal activity! Government agencies managing ID card rules and regulation stress that any individual whose card is being withheld for any reason can conduct legal enquiry for surety and personal safety.

Rules for renewing expired ID card

Any individual who wish changing his photo on Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi may submit an application to renew data on the valid ID card or simply to renew. Any change of information as imprinted on the ID card has a certain fee however, when renewing photo after submitting the application doesn’t charge anything.

Data is updated through electronic form system that updates the data after which customer have to refer to the Authority Customer Service Centre for fingerprints and photographs. It must be noted that initial image and fingerprints for issuing a new Emirates ID in Abu Dhabi is adopted and used in every renewal application unless candidate wishes changing the details from entirety.

Photos are taken live inside the customer service centre which is a mandatory procedure for all applicants above 15 years. For minors, elderly and patients who are unable to reach the centres due to any reason are exempted from all such procedures as their medical details are all that’s required to process the application or they may request for home-based service.

The entire procedure is carried as per the standards defined by government whereas details provided in the electronic form must be accurate as authorities would perform background check. In case any information comes out incorrect, immediate rejection of the request is likely to occur.


It’s important knowing the details to proceed in the right direction especially when national ID is concerned.

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