Chrome, Plastic, or Steel: Which Vent Shade Is Best for Your Semi?

Vent Shade
Vent Shade
Vent Shade

Truck vent shades have a positive impact on driver comfort from the first installation. Vent shades allow you to circulate air from the outside into the cab without being affected by the weather. Truck vent shades keep the rain, reduce wind noise and window fogging. When you’re idling, they allow heat to escape while still offering privacy. Here’s what to take into account when you’re deciding which ones will work for your truck.

Shopping For Accessories

Acrylic, or plastic, vent shades install super easy without drilling or needing any other hardware. Plastic vent shades are inexpensive and safe when you’re washing your truck. They fit most trucks. Acrylic, while sturdy, may not last as long as stainless steel or chrome.

Chrome ventvisors are an investment, but they are also weather-resistant, tough and durable and offer safety and comfort when driving. As with acrylic, chrome ventvisors are easy to install. You won’t have to drill or have any extra hardware.

Stainless steel window accessories are polished like chrome and easy to install. There are many different options. Most mount easily without added hardware. Some require tape as part of the installation process. However, the windows are free from obstruction.

Most ventvisors are available for all makes and models, but you should check to see how the ventvisor fits into your truck. It’s easy to shop for Iowa 80 semi truck accessories because you can quickly see which accessories fit the make and model of your truck. 

Deciding What Works For You 

Determining which vent shade fits your truck is a personal decision. Look at your budget. Consider how long you’ll be driving your truck. Stainless steel can be more cost effective than chrome, but you may find that chrome will last longer. Shop for truck accessories to make your workspace more comfortable and safer. Stay safe on the road and enjoy the trip.



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