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Process of CT scan
CT scan
CT scan

Anyone can need to get a PET CT scan or a CT scan in their life. A PET CT scan refers to the combination of two scans that are packaged into one. This process is followed because this process provides a clearer picture of the scanned areas. The scan is done to get a look into the inside organs of the body to check if there is any abnormality there. There are other types of scans as well but PET CT scan has its own set of advantages. It can provide an intricate picture that shows clear imaged to the cellular level. This process is perfect to know about diseases and abnormalities in the inside of the body at an early stage.

Cancer treatments generally relay on the process of PET CT scan as through this scan cancerous growths can be identified. Given the fact that the scan provides details of the cells, the doctors can even determine the rate at which the cancer is spreading if there is any cancerous growth. In this way, cancer can be detected early and thus treatment can also begin faster. This makes the chance of the patient being saved higher. The scan also works as a guiding map to the doctors to understand where exactly to aim the treatment. Thus the process helps in chemotherapy as well.

The full form of a PET scan is Positron Emission Tomography. The scan helps to detect the metabolic signal of the cancerous cells if they are growing inside the body. The term CT scan refers to Computerized Tomography and it brings out a detailed image of the insides of the body. When these two types of scans are combined then we get an image that underlines the growth of cancerous cells. The scans are generally carried out at the same time and can be done on an outpatient basis. There are no side effects of going through these scans and the process does not take much time either. The process is also cheaper than a surgery.

If you are looking for best ct scan centre in Hyderabad then you will have to keep certain things in mind. First of all, you have to get a list of ct scan centres that are near you. Thereafter, you can shortlist from that list. You must make sure that you check the background of the clinic that you are selecting. In order to do a successful ct scan you need to go to a clinic that had years of experience in the field. Choosing a newly built clinic will not be a very good idea as they will lack experience. You should also make sure that your selected clinic only hires certified professionals who have years of experience in the field of ct scan. You should not get your scan done from some inexperienced novice person. You should also check the pet ct scan cost in Hyderabad before you finalize on any clinic as the pricing of the clinic and your budget must match.

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