Adventure Activities to Experience During Your Stay in Dandeli

Dandeli happens to be a very beautiful place located by the River Kali. It attracts numerous tourists all over the world. When talking about the specific season to visit...
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Dandeli happens to be a very beautiful place located by the River Kali. It attracts numerous tourists all over the world. When talking about the specific season to visit Dandeli there is nothing such in that regards. You can visit it all through the year and you will find this town very peaceful and serene. The local habitats over here are quite warm and welcoming. If we talk about the water activities over here, it happens to be one of the major tourists’ attraction of Dandeli. For you stay you do not need to worry at all, there are end number of Best Hotels in Dandeli.

All the activities are carried out in River Kali at different time of the day, at different points of river. Apart from this there are many historic places in Dandeli which you could visit during your stay. Not only the water activities but also you could enjoy the natural beauty over here in the peaceful lap of nature. You can secure you stay at best resorts in Dandeli to get an exciting Dandeli tour experience. Monsoon is the best season to visit Dandeli if you are someone who loves adventure activities.

Adventure Activities You Could Experience During Your Stay in Hotels And Resorts in Dandeli:

  1. Rafting in White Water- It can be one of the amazing experiences ever if done while it is raining outside. It is considered to be the best sport to be experienced during rainy season. You can enjoy the gushing waves in a real good manner during the rainy season. Usually it is done of the rough patches of water and it is filled with lots of thrills. So make sure that you visit Dandeli this monsoon and experience this excellent water sports.
  2. Canyoning- It is one of the most emerging water sports in India. It comes up with a host of activities you could you could experience. Some activities included in it are climbing, rappelling, caving, jumping, caving, going through the narrow passes and swimming etc. It can be termed as a collection of water sports Dandeli is the best destination for Canyoning. In this you could witness every form of water activities and face lots of challenges. This is one of the best thing that you will come across in Dandeli.
  3. Ziplining- Imagine ziplining in heavy rain, what can be thrilling than this? This will take your breath away and you will definitely enjoy experiencing this. This activity is also known as flying fox. In this you will be high above the ground and will be soaked in rain. You are harnessed to a cable and let loose to swing in the open air. Dandeli is a home to such activities.
  4. Kayaking- It is yet another water activity done in River Kali, Dandeli. In this you will be taken to the gush wave of water and you will have to row over their on your own. This is quite breathe taking but filled with lots of adventure in it.

During your stay in Dandeli do not worry about Booking Best Resort in Dandeli, they are countless in number and will give you very comfortable services.

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