5 Useful (and Unique) Gifts for New Moms

Choosing a gift for a new mom is hard, to say the least. Do you opt for functionality, practicality, or both? You mean well and want to make her...
Gifts for New Moms
Gifts for New Moms

Choosing a gift for a new mom is hard, to say the least. Do you opt for functionality, practicality, or both? You mean well and want to make her feel special, but the question still begs: will this gift option be useful to her? To help you wade through this murky territory, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of original gift ideas guaranteed to put a smile on any new mom’s face.

  1. Custom Jewelry

A sentimental piece of jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any mom. Chinchar Maloney is a custom jeweler based in Portland that creates one-of-a-kind raw gemstone jewelry that double up as sentimental keepsakes bound to become family heirlooms. To add to this, their handcrafted jewelry allows you to select custom bespoke pieces.

A good place to start would be customizing either earrings bracelets, necklaces, rings, or lockets with her newborn’s birthstone. If her baby is due in October, for instance, consider a mother’s ring with an emerald-cut pink tourmaline or opal stone setting.

Considered the world’s most colorful gemstone, tourmaline comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from and is an excellent choice for a stone setting as it is a hard gem to break or chip. This piece of raw stone jewelry is dainty enough for her to wear daily, but also sophisticated enough to stand alone as an accessory.

  1. Stroller Cover and Weather Shield

Stroller rain covers differ from umbrellas in that they offer more protection and are resilient towards the elements. The benefits of having a stroller rain cover are endless, but the best stroller rain covers are easy to clean, affordable, easy to fasten in place, and easy to pack, especially while traveling with the child. The Stroller Buzz Universal Rain Cover fits over standard wheeler strollers, prams, and push-chairs. Its weather shield offers protection against the elements whatever they may be, and its key features include full-body protection against the elements, front zippers for easy access, and reflective material for added traffic safety. The Umbrella Stroller Rain Cover protects the baby from rain and is versatile enough to serve as an infant car seat rain cover to protect the baby stroller from damage caused by rain moisture. The Double Stroller Rain Cover is a double stroller rain cover intended for multiples and is essential for moms who have twins.

  1. The Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller

The fit Quinny Zapp pushchair makes a great gift for moms because of its flexibility. She’ll especially love how light it is when folded, and how easy it is to push around. Because of how easy it is to recline, it provides added comfort for the child, allowing them more room to stretch out. Not only is it stylish, but it is also travel system compatible. In this way, she can travel with her young one, which will help her get out of the house more frequently. Believe us, she’ll thank you for the option to stroll around with her little one more easily.

  1. Baby Bouncer

Baby bouncers make an excellent gift because of their dual functionalities. Besides calming a fussy baby, a bouncer is also a great place to place a child while parents perform other tasks. When choosing a baby bouncer consider the versatility of the bouncer. For instance, can it play music? Music can help a great deal in soothing a crying child. Additionally, what movement does it make? Some bouncers vibrate, some can also act as swings or have multiple ways of soothing the baby by mimicking soothing motions like a car ride, for instance. On the other hand, other baby bouncers are single function use and, as the name suggests, can only bounce the baby.

  1. Stroller FootMuffs

Every new mom could use a luxury toddler fottmuff or baby apron, especially for the colder months. Stroller footmuffs are essential baby travel pram accessories, and they come in a variety of designs and custom made functionalities such that whichever brand or design you settle on will still provide effective cover from the colder elements. Luxury toddler footmuffs are available to buy as a Luxury 2in1 Footmuff, 3 Wheeler Footmuff, or twin side comfort liners. Trusted brands to look out for in this category include iSafe, YummyLuv, Maclaren, and iVogue.

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