5 Most Famous Caves in India

Caves in India are well-known for many undiscovered things of past, history, scientific mysteries, spirituality, arts and crafts, a lot. Each cave in India is famous for different special...

Caves in India are well-known for many undiscovered things of past, history, scientific mysteries, spirituality, arts and crafts, a lot. Each cave in India is famous for different special attractions. Almost every state has their significant caves to educate the present generations about the bygone era and their intelligence. In one word, caves in India are the center of Indian tradition and culture.

Okay, it is nice to see famous caves in India but for the one who wants to see them in luxury mood means. Mainly, there are two options for them to visit these places by Deccan Odyssey and Maharaja’s Express.

Let’s have the details of 5 places which are known for famous caves through Deccan Odyssey and Maharaja’s Express.


In Aurangabad, you can witness India’s the most famous caves Ajanta and Ellora caves. For everyone, these two names will strike in mind when they heard about caves in India. These two majestic caves are UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to their exquisite arts, crafts, paintings, frescoes, and its rock-cut architecture.

Ajanta caves belong to the time of 2nd to 6th century A.D with 29 caves and Ellora caves are dated back at the time of 6th to 11th centuries A.D with 34 caves. These two caves are home to different religions deities mostly Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Ajanta and Ellora are very famous for their beautiful paintings with natural colors.


The Elephant Island Caves in Mumbai are the famous and situated on an Island near the coast of Mumbai. These imperial caves are carved out from a single rock and divided into seven impressive caves. Elephant caves are date backs of 6th and 7th centuries times.

The main attractions of Elephant caves are the cave 1 well known for the different forms of Lord Shiva like the aghora, fearsome, and turbulent etc, panels depicting five stages in the life, and its marvelous architectural styles in carving the single rock.


Hampi glory can be seen in many architectural wonders like this one of them is Badami Caves. These caves are the best example of Chalukyas architectural styles and date back to 6th and the 7th century A.D. Totally, there are four caves among them three are dedicated to different deities like Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and another one is dedicated to Jainism.

The major attractions of Badami caves are 18 armed Lord Shiva dancing sculpture, two-handed Ganesha, ceiling with the serpent motif, and the panels of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, etc. Badami caves are a holy religious site of olden days with many deities.


Maharashtra is famous for many caves, one of them is Karla Caves located near to the hill station known as Lonavala. It is said to be India’s oldest Buddhist shrine with beautiful architectural styles which looks like wooden work but it was carved out rock. These caves are dates back of 200 BC and completed in 800 BC.

The arched entrances, spectacular interiors, the statue of Buddha, Ashokan Pillar, and the famous Chaityagriha etc are the main attractions of Karla caves. In Maharashtra, Karla Caves are watchable.


Lamgau Caves in Goa are the well-known caves and center of tourism. These caves are carved out of laterite a delicate clay material and covered with palm trees. Totally, there are two caves which are very spacious with carved ceilings and beams. The main attractions of Lamgau caves are the Shiva Lingam, Tulsi, and the image of Nandi in the courtyard of the cave.

These are the utmost 5 places that are covered by Deccan Odyssey and Maharajas Express, through them you can have a look at these famous caves in India. You will definitely thrilled with different attractions in these caves.

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