3 common Live Chat Mistakes that make a negative impact on Business

Chat Mistakes that make a negative impact on Business
Chat Mistakes that make a negative impact on Business
Chat Mistakes that make a negative impact on Business

In this ever-changing world, it is arduous to keep customers happy. That’s why business owners contact well-known BPO firms and outsource chat support service. Well, BPO firms always put the best foot forward so as to surpass the expectations of customers.

However, sometimes, silly blunders done by agents make customers irked, which, in turn, affects the business’s brand image. Obviously, we aren’t trying to make a comment that BPO firms don’t provide agents a proper training.

We are human beings and if we don’t make a mistake, who will? But from the business’s perception, every mistake should be rectified. Therefore, it is imperative for chat support agents to take care of every wrongdoing while assisting customers.

Take a gander at the below-mentioned pointers that will tell you about live chat mistakes that support agents often commit during the customer interaction:

1.    Not assisting in a personalised manner

Customers only make a contact with a company when they are in need of support service. In addition, customers always want to be assisted by knowledgeable and courteous agents. But the CX levels get decreased when agents don’t assist customers in a personalised manner.

Providing an incredible support service not only signifies solving issues but also means how well you behave with customers during the interaction. Therefore, it is vital for the chat support agents to try their best in order to leave an everlasting impression on customers.

Here are a few tips that will help chat support agents to assist customers in the best possible manner:

  • Greet customers at the start of the conversation.
  • Give a small and short introduction so that customers get to know about whom they are speaking with.
  • Use emoticons while writing sentences.

2.    Trying too much

In order to render an immaculate outsource chat support service, BPO firms instruct agents to try hard so that customers get the best experience. But sometimes doing too much brings adverse results.

During the chat interaction, agents try to type sentences so fast in order to impress customers. The negative consequence of doing this is that the problem of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes occurs, which, in turn, reduces the CSAT score. At last, this makes a negative impact on the business’s reputation.

So, if you want to know how to conclude a chat session quickly without making any blunders, here are two suggestions that will surely help regarding the same:

  • Use canned messages to answer common questions.
  • Bring a typing indicator into the play.

3.    Ending the chat session carelessly

The most cited mistake that agents commit is, ‘Ending the live chat interaction carelessly.’ From starting to ending, every aspect is important whenever we talk about the customer interaction. This factor cannot be ignored because sometimes trivial mistakes ruin the chat experience of customers, which consequently, creates a negative image of the business.

Therefore, it is crucial for agents to conclude the chat session on the positive note. For doing this, agents are only supposed to do two things — confirm that all the issues have been solved and thank customers for sharing their problem with the company.

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