Why Should Businesses Choose Outsourced Technical Support?

The importance of technical support in today’s era is undeniable. The technical services in the competitive business environment are increasing tremendously. Technical Support deals with general grievances or problems...

The importance of technical support in today’s era is undeniable. The technical services in the competitive business environment are increasing tremendously. Technical Support deals with general grievances or problems that might be faced by the company. It is important to understand that post-sales the customers might be facing many technical problems. For this, a good technical support system is required. Better services of your technical support system mean a positive image for your brand. The rewards of this will be clearly seen in customer retention and your company’s overall growth.

Invest in the post-sale technical support

In today’s competitive era, it has become important for the companies to work on their client servicing. Thus, the companies have understood the importance of technical support. They know that apart from investing in the product. They have to equally work on client servicing. After all, it is all about giving the best to the end users.

Benefits of outsourcing technical support

There are many benefits of outsourcing technical support. Some of them are that you won’t have to deal with:

  • Expensive labor cost and the problems arising due to the high attrition rate
  • No need to invest in creating the infrastructure
  • Issues such as allocation of the resources
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Streamlining the company’s core business
  • Access to exceptional capabilities
  • Have an access to free internal resources
  • An overall reduction in risk
  • Access to the latest technology

Outsourcing technical support gives you a good ROI

The return on investment is very good when we talk about outsourcing technical support. Technical support is highly advantageous for businesses such as ISVs and OEMs. For coming number one in the technological race, a company needs to have a dedicated team that gives the best technical support to the customers. This assures a good ROI mainly because investing money on technical support will help you in customer retention and for bringing in a new set of customers. Thus, what you will invest is more than what you will get.

What can you expect from your outsourcing company?

When you outsource technical support from the companies. There are a few things that you might expect from the company:

  • Access to software usage
  • Access to problems support
  • An answer to your application queries
  • Solution to desktop queries
  • Access to installation support
  • Solution to connectivity related problems
  • Getting access to troubleshooting support

The criteria of pricing

The criteria of pricing for offshore technical support is as follows:

  • On Per Interaction Basis
  • On Per Closed Incident Basis
  • On Per Talk Time Basis
  • On Per Resource Deployment

Other Pricing Strategies are made on the basis of per hour, per minute and fixed percentage basis. The pricing model is expressed in terms of fixed or variable cost. Also, you might be charged on the basis of incremental flat rates.

Potential threats while IT Outsourcing

  • It is hard to outsource a few IT functions. Thus, be sure that the company from whom you are outsourcing the services are technically equipped.
  • Confidentiality is the second issue that comes with IT Outsourcing. It is important to know that an outsourced employee would not be as effective as a full-time employee. Other risks related to IT Outsourcing is data and disaster recovery.
  • Outsourcing affects employees morale as thoughts of their job being at risk comes to their mind. This hampers their overall performance and productivity.
  • Many outsourcing companies expect you to sign a bond. You might feel locked in such kind of a venture. This creates a great impact on a company’s flexibility to act and take further decisions.

It is always advisable to keep these risk factors in mind before signing on the dotted line.

Wrapping it up

In the end, an efficient outsourced technical support can come out as a backbone for setting the foundation of a flourishing business. A good technical service helps in building a brand name. The main thing is that a good product and services backed with poor technical support won’t go for a long run. On the contrary, a company that gives supreme quality products and services along with excellent technical support services will definitely have a good brand presence in the market. This is the main reason that you must go for Outsourced Technical Support.

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