Why Python is a key analytics skill

Python is a key
Python is a key
Python is a key

In this age of Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things, Data Analytics has become a very important factor for business ventures. As a result, demand for skilled data analysts is at an all-time high. However, different companies look for particular skills in individuals while recruiting. Owing to a talent gap in PYTHON, R, SAS, etc., training in such languages and software suits has been gaining constant popularity. Any individual seeking to make it big in the world of Data Analytics will find Python training greatly facilitating.

Python is the world’s fastest growing language for data science:

KDnuggets conducted a poll in 2018 on the top data analytics, Data science and machine learning software in 2018 and Python stood first with 65.6% of votes. Interestingly high traffic websites like pinterest.com and chaturbate.com and popular companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter all use Python as a primary tool for development. You will be amazed to know that in US alone more than 20K websites use Python. Moreover, Stack Overflow reported in 2018 claimed that Python is the most looked for programming language. So, by learning Python, you do not only gain groundn in the analytics industry, but also open a door to web development should you ever choose to change your game.

Secrets behind Python’s popularity:

  • Obtaining insights from bulky data sets are often time consuming and hectic. However, Python uses parallel processing to perform such tasks easily within much shorter time. Python libraries like NumPy and Pandas are very handy while performing such tasks.
  • Extraction of data from internet is easy in Python as it has useful libraries like beautifulsoup and scrapy.
  • Python libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn help in tasks like data visualization which is very important to communicate with non-technical individuals.
  • The best advantage of Python over other languages is its flexibility and simplicity. It is easier to learn and read compared to other languages.
  • Launched recently, it has overtaken market leaders like SAS and R.
  • Data sets are growing bigger and bigger every day and traditional languages are becoming obsolete. Thus, PYTHON is the future in the world of Data Analytics.


A lot of big companies rely on the program and there is no doubt that you will be able to utilize your python skills to secure a good job in a big company. Python training in booming markets like that of Malaysia can be of a huge advantage to anyone. Moreover with a highly active community support, you will never be alone.

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