Why I Love This Auto flowering Strain

Auto flowering Strain
Auto flowering Strain
Auto flowering Strain

If you are looking for one of the biggest auto flowering strains on the market, then look no further than “Big Devil”. This is a strain with “jack and the beanstalk” like proportions, as it is possible for a plant to grow upwards of 1.5 meters in height, according to UK based seed supplier Anubis Seeds.

Sure, there are a lot of strains out there that tend to grow quite tall, but offer a poor yield. This is not the case with Big Devil. In fact, when it comes to harvesting, Big Devil has large hard nuggets filled with high quality resin. You will notice that when you use Big Devil for the first time, it has quite a Skunk like taste, with a welcome fruity kick.

If you are embarking on your first grow, it is important to select an auto flowering strain that is easy to grow, which still produces a good harvest. Big Devil meets this criteria, as there are no unexpected pitfalls that you will come unstuck with, making it a beginner friendly strain. In terms of growing speed, it is super-fast, meaning you can do a number of harvests in one year.

The Big Devil AutoFem strain was originally developed by specialists Sweet Seeds, who are one of the most widely known breeders. They originate in Spain, and produce really high-quality seeds. When you buy Big Devil seeds, you know you are getting quality seeds which will result in excellent plants, when grown correctly in the right environment.

One of our regular growers tested out the seeds, and he was mightily impressed with the results. He found that it only took nine and a half weeks to harvest his first crop, and managed to achieve a yield of 650g/m². He commented positively on the thick, dense buds, which contained large amounts of resin, and he loved the delightful aroma that accompanied its use.

Don’t worry if you decide to grow either indoors or outdoors. You are able to grow in both environments, but you can expect a better harvest if you grow indoors. On average, a typical indoor grow will result in a yield of between 425-650 g/m2, while an outdoor grow will produce a yield of anywhere from 50-350 g/plant.

To shop for these and other seeds, check out https://www.anubis-seeds.co.uk/shop/.

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