Understanding the Causes and Treatments for Sleep Apnea Disease

Apnea Disease
Apnea Disease
Apnea Disease

Globally, millions of people go through sleep disorder or sleep apnea which involves the person facing breathing problem during sleep hours. People going through untreated sleep apnea will stop breathing, sometimes hundreds of times. The problem can certainly increase as the age and stress grow, and so undergoing sleep apnea treatments in the initial stage is very important. You are going through sleep apnea when you feel restless and irritated. Different people have different symptoms of sleep apnea, and it entirely depends on the level of the problem the person is going through. 

There are two types-

  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea- This is quite a common problem faced by people which takes place due to the blockage of the airway, especially when the soft tissue in the back of the throat collapses while sleeping.
  2. Central Sleep Apnea– Unlike OSA, in central sleep apnea, the airway isn’t blocked, but the brain fails to signal muscles to breathe. This happens because there is no stability in the respiratory control centre.

Some of the causes of sleep apnea are-

  • Being overweight
  • Having a large neck size
  • The family history of sleep apnea
  • Nasal obstruction due to allergies and sinus problems

Sleep apnea is certainly the most dangerous problem which leads to diseases like congestive heart disease, diabetes mellitus loss and high blood pressure. In addition to this, sleep apnea can also lead to poor performance in daily activities.

How to deal with Sleep Apnea?

Once you know the causes of sleep apnea, it is important you take right steps that will help in overcoming the issue. The very first thing to do is to work on the nasal cavity. This opening area from mouth to the lungs where air passing without obstruction is important. If you are overweight then there could be a problem in air passing. You can cure this by bringing down the weight.

People facing sleep apnea issue crave for more food. Consumption of fatty foods can lead to weight increase. So it becomes very important to eat healthy food and in a limited way.

Shake during Snoring-

Since the main cause of sleep apnea is due to lack of oxygen passing and dropping of metabolism rate, it is important to undertake proper remedies. If the person is snoring and has a disruption in breathing pattern, then waking up the person is the ideal way.

One of the best sleep apnea treatments is to visit the doctor and seek the right medication. The doctor, after proper examination, will provide the right medication and process to overcome the sleep apnea problem.

Positional therapy is yet another method to overcome the sleep apnea problem. In this, the person will wear a special device around your waist or back.  This is a long-term sleep apnea treatment that can be very effective.


Sleep apnea treatment result may take some time, but can be very fruitful for the long term. This will not only help in getting better sleep but also will help in staying healthy.

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