Top 10 Inbound Marketing blogs That You Should Subscribe To

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Inbound marketing is one of the greatest sources of marketing in the world today. There are different tools and techniques that help to keep up with the newer trends and skills of the same. Some of these extremely informative blogs are described below, following all of them almost any person can develop great marketing skills within them.


Moz is one of the most trusted platform for getting every update regarding inbound marketing. This site houses some of the experts in the field including top doctors, and industrial experts.

 Square 2 Marketing

Square 2 marketing is yet another extremely informational blog when it comes to inbound marketing. It is one of those reads that can help you boost up your skills in internet marketing and SEO.

 Impact BND

Be it just the basics or some extremely advanced tips about search engine optimization, almost every insight is quite relevant and helpful on the blogs of Impact BND.

 PR 20/20

This one website is a hub for writers as it offers fresh and high quality content from plenty of writers everyday. It helps you in judging and understanding different voices and opinions.

 Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas blog is one of the leaders in the field of inbound space and caters some of the most funny yet informative content within it. Infographics are used in a beautiful way to explain each and every marketing tip that is given by Jeff Bullas.

 Daily Blog tips

This particular blog focuses mainly on different types of blogging techniques and tips. From tips about applying SEo techniques on your blog to idea for a better content, this blog is the hub for them all.

 Copy Blogger

This blog is ideal for all the newbies in blogging as it provides a great platform for learning. It is also a great platform for the entrepreneurs and marketing managers.

 HotJar: Inside the jar

For updates about user insights, user experience design tips and different sorts of digital marketing strategies, HotJar is the most commendable type of blog to follow.


SalesHub covers a wide variety of topics ranging from content strategy to sales enablement. This is a type of blog which should be read by everyone who is looking for an improvement in their marketing skills.


Coming to the last one on our list, this particular blog is the one that has described and still continues to describe almost every aspect of inbound marketing strategies and is surely a gem.

Blogs are surely one of the most efficient ways to learn about a particular topic. Be it the infographics or the written content present in the blogs, almost every aspect is informative in its own unique way. You can never stop learning newer and better skills in a particular genre if you follow related blogs. Some of the best type of blogs housing informative content about inbound marketing are listed in the above blog.

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