The Complete Guide to Basement Waterproofing

If you are a homeowner, then a wet basement must be your worst nightmare! That is why it is very important to be conscious from beforehand and take all...
Basement Waterproofing

If you are a homeowner, then a wet basement must be your worst nightmare! That is why it is very important to be conscious from beforehand and take all the necessary steps possible in order to avoid a leaky basement. Give this blog a good read to know about the same. And yes, if you already own a basement that is giving you nightmares, then also please go through this informative blog.

You have to understand that water is no friend to your home and it can ruin the foundation in no time. Plus, the longer you ignore this issue, the more will the overall value of your home go down. To overcome this, the first thing which you should do is contacting a company that is well-known for residential Basement Waterproofing Toronto. Do not risk this by experimenting with your DIY skills as this is a serious issue which needs expert attention.

But you might get confused as there are a wide variety of choices in basement waterproofing systems and repairs. To know more, read on.

The Problem: Do you know how exactly is the water getting inside? If not, then start investigating now. And if you are assuming that there are no cracks in your basement as there is no sign of water, then I would ask you to not be that over-confident and do an inspection every once in a while, just to be on the safe side. Also, check if the gutters, drainage systems and the downspouts of your house are working fine or not. If not, then it is time to call your plumber!

Address the Problem: After you have spotted the issue, make sure you address it at the earliest. Call basement waterproofing companies and take bids from them. Even if it is a minor repair, ensure that you only call the best company to take care of this as a bad treatment or repair can lead to heavier expenditure later on. Check the online feedbacks and ratings of the company just like you do in case of hiring any service-based company.

What I would suggest you is that while hiring a team for this complicated a task, choose the one that caters to various kinds of plumbing and waterproofing issues. These teams are generally well-trained and come prepared with all kinds of equipment that are necessary for a waterproofing treatment. And never commit the mistake of choosing a newbie just for the sake of the least bid. Take estimates and choose accordingly.

Understand the Repair or Treatment: There are several kinds of waterproofing treatments available in the market. But then one type does not fit all. Talk to your plumber about it and ask him for suggestions. Do your research as well so that you know which process would be the right for your basement leakage. Go for solutions that are specifically designed for your basement issue. The solution should be tailored as otherwise; it might just not serve your purpose.

Are there cracks in your basement? Do you feel any movement in the foundation walls? Is it just improper backfilling? Each has their own needs and should be treated accordingly.

Types of basement waterproofing solutions

Your basement may require a particular treatment or a combination of several. Some of the most popular ones are:

Waterproofing primer: Not really suggested by plumbers, but still there are many homeowners who just ignore the source of the problem and ask the company to apply waterproofing primer or paints on the cracks. This is not at all recommended as it won’t solve the issue and is a temporary treatment.

Crack injections: Effective and modern, this one is suggested by most plumbing companies. Suitable for poured concrete foundations where the seepage originates from the walls, crack injections contain epoxy or polyurethane material that will cure the cracks.

Exterior excavation waterproofing: Exterior waterproofing not only involves excavation to the foundation wall footer but also, applying the membrane to the exterior wall’s surface. It is a permanent solution but of course, will cost more.

Interior excavation waterproofing: Cheaper than exterior waterproofing, this is the most common waterproofing technique opted by homeowners. Interior drain system waterproofing addresses the hydrostatic pressure and this one is a permanent solution as well.

Hope, this blog about Basement Waterproofing Toronto was helpful for you all!

Author Bio: Jim owns a plumbing company in Toronto and he is a regular blogger on basement waterproofing, plumbing issues, and solution, DIY tricks, etc. Read his blogs to know more about plumbing.

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