The best things about Rudraksha pendant

Rudraksha pendant
Rudraksha pendant
Rudraksha pendant

It is today a general knowledge in almost all part of the world the Rudraksha carries significant importance in the Hindu Religion. The amazing beads used in prayer of any Hindu mantra and can be used for any gods and goddess of the Religion. While the beads are used for prayer by saint, sages, priests, devout followers and general god worshippers but it can also be used for other purposes. Some people use it as a valuable stone in the rings while others use it as pendants or bracelets. The Rudraksha pendant is something which sees a lot of Rudraksha use and is popular amongst youth and aged people alike.

Why is Rudraksha pendant gaining so much attention?

You can still see sadhus and sants using the Rudraksha mala with 108 beads in their upper arms, wrists and necks. While the benefits of Rudrakshas are widely known, it is unwise to put it on to office or to put on to school and colleges. This particular reason has caused people to gravitate towards Rudraksha pendant which is much more convenient and suits to modern day needs. Furthermore, pendant adds up style to any form of clothing one puts on during the course of his/her whole day.

What are the benefits associated with putting on Rudrksha pendant?

The Rudraksha comes with various benefits which people should use it for and its benefits have been spoke of in Upanishads along with other Hindu scriptures through ages. Some of the most important benefits of Rudraksha pendant are mentioned in points below:

  1. Concentration – The groves and the structures in Rudraksha provides a different feeling unavailable with other prayer beads. The rough texture of Rudraksha used for meditating activates the nerves in and around the finger tips making the concentration more fruitful. While a single Rudraksha cannot be counted to activate the nerve around the finger tips, the Visuddhi chakra around the throat while wearing it in the pendant ensures one gets high amount concentration capability while meditating or doing regular activities.
  2. 2. Shields from ill will of others – The ill will of people around us at work or any other environment surrounds us and these create unfortunate event which have a negative impact on us. The energized Rudraksha in the Rudraksha pendant has the power to negate these negative influence which will create negative problems.
  3. Boost the skin’s radiance – The radiance from the skin generally is the result of range of different factors. One of the most important factor is the presence of ample amount of oxygen in the body of the individual. The prana bayu or life breathe is enhanced by the use of Rudraksha because it attracts high quality air with oxygen allowing the body to gain necessary amount of oxygen. Thus, putting Rudraksha pendant is must for those who want to see the radiance in their skin.
  4. Calms the nerves and keep the blood pressure on control – The prana bayu which is the most essential life factor comes into play again in the current section. Providing the body with long healthy breathe full of oxygen is what keeps the pressure down. The prana of Rudraksha attracts the vital prana bayu required for keeping the blood pressure to a healthy level of body function. Thus, one should put on the Rudraksha pendant to calm the nerves and keep the blood pressure under control.
  5. Negate effects – The Rudraksha pendant is best to negate the effects of the dasha (bad omen) caused by the position of planets on the individuals life. However, one should check their ruling planet and the suitable Rudraksha for them to negate the effects.
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