Stephen Varanko III – The Top Traits of Great Leaders

Top Traits of Great Leaders
Top Traits of Great Leaders
Top Traits of Great Leaders

Great leaders are not born overnight. They put in a lot of effort and hard work when it comes to developing leadership skills; leaders need to make a lot of sacrifices. They have to be committed to their goals and at the time keep everyone aligned with them. They should be at the forefront of challenges so that the rest of the team is inspired and motivated to follow his or footsteps.

Stephen Varanko III-understanding the basics of leadership 

Stephen Varanko III is a specialist in the field of organizational leadership since he was in high school. He completed his graduation in 2000. He is a part of the Randolph Macon Academy Alumnus making it to the Dean and President List. He received his Certificate of Completion in The Community Emergency Response Team Program in 2003. In 2005, he completed his graduation in History. He loves sports and has led basketball, cross country varsity and lacrosse teams when he was in high and junior school.

Are leaders made or born?

There is a lot of debate when it comes to leadership skills as one school of thought believes that people are born with the genes of leadership. Again, there is another school of thought that thinks that leaders are made through the circumstances and experience that shapes them. When it comes to true leaders, they are adaptable and are able to lead in all circumstances no matter how tough the journey may be.

Developing skills for progress and growth

Good leaders know the importance of skill development for subsequent growth and progress in life. This is why they believe in upgrading themselves and keeping in track with new technologies in the market. Leaders are compassionate and good listeners. They appreciate the presence of every member in their team. This is why they are looked upon by their team-mates when it comes to the fulfillment of a goal.

Motivation and inspiration

Great leaders believe in motivating and inspiring their team when it comes to challenges. They always lead by example. This is why they are trusted and followed by their team. They identify the strengths and weaknesses of their teammates. They combine these skills of their teams to work towards the successful accomplishment of the goal at hand. They have the commitment and passion for completing the tasks they undertake. They make their team eager and excited about the project on hand.

Good leaders have good communication skills, and this is why they are looked up as role models. Stephen Varanko III is one such leader who inspires and leads. He leads by example and motivates his team every time he undertakes a task. Good leaders are honest and credible when it comes to working with diverse tasks at hand. They have a positive approach and attitude that is contagious. They believe in collaboration and innovation. This is why they are instrumental in driving progress and attaining success in everything they do despite challenges that come in the way.


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