Selecting a Wedding Photographers in Denver

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Wedding Photographers in Denver
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Planning your wedding day can be quite involved and there are literally hundreds of details to work out. But one of the most important tasks is to choose the wedding photographer that is right for both of you. Of course the things that make the day – the dress, location, caterer, cake, flowers, and the location of the ceremony and reception all combine to fulfill your dream wedding. Don’t dismiss your selection of the photographer as not less important as the more visible aspects of this milestone in your life.

Remember that when you wake up the next morning it will all be a memory… and your wedding photographs are the most important way to preserve those wonderful memories for yourself and generations to come. The dress will be back in storage, the food and cake gone, the flowers wilted – but your vivid memories will live on if you’ve hired the right photographer.

There are many wedding photographers in Denver to talk to, and they all seem to have great sample albums. So how do you pick the right one?

First, you need to decide what level of service you want. Some photographers offer a lower cost discount service where they provide a CD or DVD of all the photographs they’ve taken. This is usually a package price and is likely to be the lowest price you’ll find. While this may be the right choice for the budget-conscious, be aware that you’ll generally end up with lower quality pictures as well. this is because you are getting only the unaltered original picture without cropping or color correction, and no enhancements like retouching or special effects. The prints you are able to get from these images will be consumer-grade digital prints rather than custom prints produced by a photo lab that serves only professional photographers.

A complete package is offered by most photography studios that include not only the actual photography on the big day, but will also provide printed or digital proofs for you to select from. You’ll be able to select the pictures you want to be used in the creation of one or more albums. The images are color corrected, cropped and retouched to create the most pleasing prints possible. While the newlyweds usually keep the main album, their parents also enjoy receiving ‘brag books’, or smaller albums to share with their friends.

A full-service wedding photographer in Denver will also be able to provide beautiful custom printed thank you cards, complete with your wedding photo, generally for less than generic thank you cards.

Regardless of the level of service, you find appropriate for your wedding, probably the most important consideration is the photographer’s personality. When you interview photographers, pay attention to how well you get along with them. Do you feel comfortable talking with them? Do they seem genuinely interested in creating the best images possible? Do they suggest poses or ask what you want to have included? Do they find out who the important family members are who are a must for your album? Do you feel pressured to sign a contract?

By considering some of these factors you’ll be better prepared to make the best choice for you. Your pictures are the most lasting memory of the most important day of your life, so choose wisely.

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