Sadigh Gallery- How Do You Know Ancient Art and Artifacts Are Real?

When you visit an art gallery or a museum you come across many amazing artifacts and pieces of ancient art. They depict the past and give you an insight...
Sadigh Gallery

When you visit an art gallery or a museum you come across many amazing artifacts and pieces of ancient art. They depict the past and give you an insight into a phase of history. The halls and corridors are filled with many unique pieces that are old and have an impressive appeal to them. As a spectator you are of the view that all of them are real and authentic since they have been kept in the gallery or museum. This is true as they have been tested for authenticity and value by scientists and museum/gallery experts before they are placed as exhibits. However, have you ever wondered that if you chance on an ancient piece of art, antique or artifact, how do you know it is real? 

Sadigh Gallery-how to spot fake artifacts?

Sadigh Gallery is a leading gallery in New York and it specializes in ancient art and artifacts of the past. The experts here say when pieces of the past and ancient art are brought in they are tested and examined by specialists through various techniques before being labelled as real.

The interesting fact is that even experienced curators and specialists get deceived by pieces of the past. There are some items that appear to be real however after tests and examinations are conducted the vice versa occurs. So, it is hard for them to take a piece into account at face value. No matter whatever comes in, it needs to be sent to laboratories for inspection, checks and examination.

What happens in the laboratory?

Once the item enters the gallery or the museum, it is sent to the laboratory for testing. There is a time period for investigation and examination. The specialists need to test the material and state its date and place of origin. These facts are recorded carefully. Very often when you visit a museum or a gallery you will find history and description of the exhibit on display. This information is collected and published only after the item has been labelled real and authentic. In case, you come across any ancient art or artifact, it is prudent for you to check with gallery and museum experts to make sure of its authenticity and worth.

The experts here at Sadigh Gallery say that the testing techniques are always non-destructive in nature and will never harm the item that has been brought in. The major testing methods are generally X-ray, radiology, energy dispersive X-rays fluorescence and scanning by electron microscopy. Even flashes of metal and molten material are tested so that the item can be labelled as real. There are several ancient pieces of art and items that have been duplicated and fake. It is prudent to always bring in anything that you receive as ancient and old for testing so that you can confirm its worth and authenticity. The piece you may stumble across might be worth millions of dollars against someone may push you into buying an artifact that turns out to be fake. In case you have doubts first consult gallery and museum experts- in this way you will never be cheated!

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