Reasons Behind Blocked Drains and Toilets

Maintaining a household has become a tough job with new problems arising every now and then. One of the major issues which take place most often is the situation...
Blocked Drains and Toilets
Blocked Drains and Toilets

Maintaining a household has become a tough job with new problems arising every now and then. One of the major issues which take place most often is the situation of blocked toilet. It is a major hygiene issue which can make it unbearable for anyone staying in the house if it is not attended timely with utmost precision. A blocked toilet is the source of diseases and inconvenience which causes foul smell, attracts unwanted pests, and creates an unhealthy environment to live.

To tackle and repair a blocked toilet is not an easy task. Even though there are some homeowners who take this responsibility on their shoulders, it is still advised to hire blocked drain professionals to do such tasks, as they have more experience and appropriate tools to solve such problems. However, most of the people call upon services when the situation goes out of control, mainly because of the negligence on their part regarding those clogged drains. One needs to be patient and extremely calm when it comes to dealing with a blocked toilet because such situations test your patience and skills. But when the situation goes out of your hands, one should not hesitate on calling upon the experts to clean the mess.

Suggested below are some signs which might help you identify when the situation goes code red and you need to attend your toilets:

  • When the water takes too much time to pass through the drains, this means there is some substance or a solid formation which is blocking the drains or pipes which needs to be cleared out as soon as possible.
  • When the water drains down the pipe, it makes a gurgling-like absurd noise.
  • A situation where the water cannot go down the pipes anymore and so it accumulates and overflows the toilets. This is an indication of serious clogging problems and requires to be attended immediately.

People tend to make a few common mistakes which lead to a blocked toilet. Some of them are as follows:

  • People flush down the toilet papers in the toilet and that is not a problem until and unless it is being done in large quantities. Toilet papers can be disposed of in toilets and they are made of such material that they can easily flow through the drains and pipes without blocking the way. But it is quantity in which they are being disposed off in the toilets which matter the most. This is why it is suggested to discharge the toilet papers in garbage cans in order to avoid a blocked toilet.
  • With dual flush mechanism, there is often arises a problem of insufficient water supply. It is generally seen that the water pressure for such toilets is not readily available in order to drain out the waste. It is because such dual flush mechanisms have weak flushes which are unable to allow proper flow and pressure of water. This is why it is advised to install proper functional mechanisms in order to avoid the situation of a blocked toilet.
  • It is often noticed that people tend to throw away all kinds of stuff in toilets such as sanitary pads, tampons, condom, etc. which are not even supposed to be there. This can block the pipes and lead to serious clogging problems. Toilets are only capable of flushing away the natural waste and toilet papers and anything else flushed otherwise can lead to serious drainage blocking issues.

The points discussed above are some serious matters which should be considered and can only be avoided, if toilets are cleaned and checked regularly.

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