Peptides and their uses

Peptides and their uses
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Our body and living system, consists of mainly bio molecules, even the smallest unit of the life that is cell has bio molecules in them. These bio molecules have different and very important role in all. We will here discuss the role of peptides and peptide bond formation. Peptides are generally the bio molecules these are polymer units of the monomers amino acids. These are very potent as medicines. There are lots of clinical field where these peptides can be used widely. Peptides are also known as small proteins because composition of protein and peptides is same. These are formed from the amino acids.

Amino acids are the monomers of peptides and proteins. In peptides near about 50 amino acids are linked but in case of proteins number of amino acid chain is more than the 50. There are two functional groups in the amino acids, these are carboxylic which is acidic in nature and other is amine that is basic in nature. Amino acids linked together to form the amino acid chains by peptide bond formation in them. In the entire process carboxylic group of one amino acid linked with the amine group of the second amino acid and so on. These amino acids undergo the condensation reaction so result in the liberation of the water molecule. They form (-CONH) bond it is also called as the peptide or amide bond. In this way peptide bond formation takes place.

We all know that if we consume any drug then our body has to bear the side effects of the drugs. Every medicine or drug undergoes the metabolism and it not only acts on the target cells but entire body cells thus leaving the effects on whole body. These are thus not website specific. In case of peptides there is nothing like that, it is very safe and site specific drug. More over activity of the peptides in the body is of very short duration. Moreover it is easily available as synthetic process of the peptide is very easy in the laboratory. These are easily consumed leaving the minimum side effects. Peptides are of great advantages. It has many fold uses in the medical field. These are effective in liberating the effect. People have to bear the drastic side effects of the medicines but in case of the peptides the risk side effects are very low.

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