What makes Maharajas Express the World’s Leading Luxury Train in India?

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The Maharajas Express offers an amazing week long luxury train ride with sightseeing every traveler would dream about. The luxury train ride has undoubtedly helped several happy travelers to take away their best holiday memories. More than the journey, the ambience or the sightseeing zones the traveler gets a week long Maharajas lifestyle onboard. This No wonder this world famous luxury train has won several awards with a few back-to-back annual travel awards too. Let’s take a look at some of the various awards that this magnificent Palace line Luxury train has won.

An initiative by the IRCTC or Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation the Maharajas Express is on the likes of The Orient Express, The Royal Scotsman, etc. The carriages of this attractive train have got attractive names of precious stones that have astronomical significance. In the olden days the Kings and Queens wore finger rings embedded with precious stones. The arrangement of these stones had astronomical connection to better the luck of the person wearing the jewels. True to the belief, the Maharajas Express superseded all other Luxury Trains to win a string of awards. The Luxury train won one such award for a string of years.

So starting from the very names of the royal carriages, this amazing luxury train also has its interiors decorated in a vibrant way to resemble the ancient royal palaces. The traveler experiences a palace on wheels ambience while being served with impeccable hospitality with luxury hotel amenities.  Having said all this Maharajas Express has won an award for five consecutive years. In a short span of time the luxury express overtook the others to clinch the World Travel Awards from the year 2012 to 2016 for “World’s Leading Luxury Train”. This is an amazing record track in addition to several other awards.

Winner Best Luxury Train – CNBC AWAAZ Travel Awards 2010

Winner Best Luxury Train – CNBC AWAAZ Travel Awards 2015

1st Runners- Up – Conde Nast Readers Choice Travel Awards 2011

Winner Luxury Hospitality and Life style Awards -Seven Stars 2015

Winner Luxury Hospitality and Life style Awards -Seven Stars 2016

The Maharaja Express almost half a mile long takes you to destinations where you can view a varied culture of India almost every 10 miles away. The journey will certainly make you speechless when you view the rich culture of India emanating from the historic palaces, untamed wildlife, magnificent beauty…  The opulence in all its grandiose redefines the term luxury.

The traveler gets more than a royal lifestyle aboard the magnificent Maharajas Express. In all you are blessed with heavenly bliss of course for a week long journey. Take away wonderful memories of this heavenly journey back into the princely era with its ancient beauty while whizzing past landscapes enjoying feel of luxury.

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