Innisfree Moisturizing Mask: Why Face Masks Are a Must for Skincare Routines

You apply a face mask, charged with the kind of optimism that only comes with knowing that you’re able to take your skin from dull to attractive. Yet for...
Moisturizing Mask

You apply a face mask, charged with the kind of optimism that only comes with knowing that you’re able to take your skin from dull to attractive. Yet for some reason, you never feel or see any difference. What do you do? You rant. You blame the product. You stare into the mirror, still wishing to a glimmer of hope. Then, you rant some more! You blame the face mask instructions. You blame the poor product sitting on the sink. Stop blaming everything on the product! It could be your fault.

Using a face mask may seem like a simple practice and it is – up to a specific extent. Face masks can work wonders on skin, transforming it from a dull, dry mess, to radiant in just a few minutes. However, there’s an easier way to use face masks. Do it properly and you’ll be rewarded. But, if everything is done inappropriately, it won’t change anything. Users all know the drill: cleanse your face, slap on a face mask, wait until it dries, and then rinse! So what are the ways you could be messing up your face mask? Take a look at here.

Skipping Face Preparation.

As with different things, preparation is the key when using a face mask. Skip this and your results will be compensated. In order to gain the most benefits from any mask you’re using, you want to be sure your pores are open. There are few ways to achieve this:

Cleanse Your Face. Applying a face mask without additional cleaning your face is a waste of money and time. The mask won’t work effectively until you’ve removed the gunk first. Use a gentle cleanser to unclog your pores, giving way to the face mask to better penetrate your skin.

Use Steam. As an added prep before applying a face mask, think about using steam to dilate the pores. It’s gentle. You can just get a washcloth dipped in lukewarm water or take a hot shower, covering your face with it for a few minutes until it cools down. Another choice is to get a bowl of boiling water and hold your face over the steam. Take note: keep your face at far from the water to prevent burning. Use a clean towel and cover your head to make the mini-sauna space for your face.

Exfoliate Beforehand. Use a gentle exfoliant on your face before you place the mask. This’ll better help the materials to penetrate in your skin more effectively. Apply with a brush! If you don’t have a brush, then make sure your fingertips are clean before applying.

Grab the Cucumbers! Before applying your mask, get two slices of chilled cucumber. Once you’ve placed your mask, pop the cucumber slices on your eyes. This may help to lessen eye puffiness.

Using fingers to spread and apply a mask is convenient, but it isn’t the only way to do it. You need to think about using a specific beauty mask toolset like the Innisfree moisturizing mask. For an easier DIY kit, use a small spoon, foundation brush, and small bowl you can use to spread the mask on your face evenly and smoothly. Think of this practice as face painting for beauty-conscious adults. As with your hands, wash your set thoroughly after you use it!


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