Important Factors to Consider before Choosing a University

Your education plays an integral role in your development both as a human being and as a professional. It is the reason it is strongly suggested that you should...
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Your education plays an integral role in your development both as a human being and as a professional. It is the reason it is strongly suggested that you should choose a university with extreme caution and prudence. There are many factors we consider while choosing a university or any other institute of higher learning. It is just that some students pay more importance to one set of factors over another set of factors. You may choose a university based on its location i.e. where you wish to live or choice may be dictated by your parent’s wish.

They may wish for you to join a university which they attended. For some students, they would want to study in the same university their friends are attending. Then you will come across students whose only basis or criteria for selecting or rejecting a university is the quality of its education, ambience, the university’s placement record, quality of its faculty, infrastructure, fee structure, etc.

What we wish to emphasise is that while selecting a university you need to consider various metrics in order that particular university which offers that close match between your personality, aptitude, interest and your career aspirations among other things. Some of the important factors and characteristics which you need to pay close attention before making a final commitment are mentioned as following:

Accreditation of the institute

It is important that the university you have in mind is accredited by local, state or national agencies. Top university Uttarakhand or for that matter top university anywhere in the country is most likely to be accredited. Accreditation is a proof that the institute provides high quality education and in accordance with standard procedures. Accreditation is also important for students who wish to attain higher degrees in various fields like education, law, medicine, etc. Another important aspect to think is that most of the financial institutions follow a policy of lending loans to students only if they seek to pursue higher education in a recognised institute. Moreover recruiters too lay extra emphasis on picking up students from accredited institutes. It as such automatically transfers into better job opportunities for students.

Student to faculty ratio of the institute

This is another very important factor that you need to pay close attention to before taking a final call. Best university Uttarakhand or for that matter even top quality public universities have a very healthy student to faculty ratio. When we speak about student to faculty ratio, what we mean is the number of students divided by the number of teachers. For example, if there are 50 students and five teachers, it means one teacher is assigned to every ten student.  A healthy student to faculty ratio is an important determinant of the quality of the institute.  Less student per teacher means that the teacher can pay more attention to his/her students.  You get more chances of interacting with your teacher and draw attention to the parts in your course which is troubling you. In other words an encouraging student to faculty ratio means one-on-one assistance from your professors.

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