How To Remove Flea in Your Hair?

It would be extremely unpleasant to witness a flea infestation in your areas like your house, your garden, your pets and so on. And it is even more terrible...
How To Remove Flea in Your Hair
How To Remove Flea in Your Hair

It would be extremely unpleasant to witness a flea infestation in your areas like your house, your garden, your pets and so on. And it is even more terrible to get flea on your body, especially on your hair. In this article, it would be a valuable experience to share together several helpful flea removal methods that flea no longer har, your hair.

Diagnosis of hair-flea

First of all, flea on hair is a really serious problem and you should have instant remedies as soon as possible. There are some general signs of flea that we can notice in an easy way. Like other lice and hair-mites, it is truly distinctive to start with itchy feeling. Sometimes, this feeling is more fierce and displaying that leads to an unstoppable desire to scratch. In a longer duration, the infestation can make some red spots on skin as biting by flea. By the way, I would recommend you to visit your vet and your doctor to get useful advice whenever you get a sign of flea.

Removal Remedies

After checking all diagnosis of your situation, it had better to take instant flea removal methods to eliminate these blood-scumming insects, must be done for all family members. There are two reasons for it: to stop development of flea troop on your own body ( because flea can grow insanely) and to prevent flea from infecting other people. Here are some removal remedies like that:


Unlike other parts of body, hair would be a place to be invaded by fleas with all its forms: egg, larvae and adult. Fortunately, all three forms are removed by soapy liquid and shampoo. It would be advisable to use specially-made shampoo for hair-mite victims.

Flea Comb

You can be confused with a flea comb for human. However, when you are the victim of an infestation, you would find out that this is an easy but amazingly effective method.

Baking Soda

Exactly, baking soda is really good to clean, even flea. You can easily make a baking soda paste with water by yourself and spray it on your hair, skin under hair and even part of neck. Keep it for at least 10 minutes to make sure fleas are affected by the method. Then you continue washing all with warm water as usual.

Check our website to reach other effective removal methods. They can work together so that you can easily combine some of them to eradicate more effectively.

Environment controlling methods

Besides killing all fleas, to control flea out of your body is also very important. You should take notification on some areas such as interior house, castle for pets and humid places outside. These are favorable conditions for flea to hide and grow. Therefore, if you do not expect to experience any flea infestation again, remember to check above places and following bellow cleaning methods.


It is very useful to have a vacuum cleaner that helps you clear all flea shelters out of your interior house. Try to clean your area completely to make sure that flea cannot jump from a room to the room that you have cleaned.

Soapy Water

For washable equipment, it had better be washed with soapy water. As I said before, soap and soapy liquid can kill flea. It is especially effective to clean furry things such as blanket, pillow, carpet and so on. Fleas on them are hard to be removed only by hands, but the case is truly available with soapy water. Take this step, very simple and very useful.

Flea Trap

Flea trap would be my advice to stop flea development in house. Nowadays, many types of flea are sold in every local shop and market. Buy some and try it to stop and prevent flea.


After removing flea from your hair, your body and house, you must do some further steps. Remember to spend at least a week to observe and check your flea situation. If there is no sign of a flea infestation, you are safe. Visit a veterinarian to get help and advice if the case becomes worse.

To sum up, I hope my recommendation above would be useful that you can end up flea infestation on hair. Let stop this unpleasant experience and have a house free of flea.


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