How an engineer can be an asset to his country?

Engineer can be an Asset
Engineer can be an Asset
Engineer can be an Asset

Engineering is a profession where scientific knowledge and mathematics are combined together in order to create/develop new ways of convenience for mankind. Engineering exceeds the periphery of a whole range of industries that could include on-site construction work or evaluating safety systems in an office. They make use of the knowledge they possess and direct it towards a specific industry in order to make things work be it transport or entertainment or mobile phones? Leave it to the engineers. Makeup? down to engineers. Anything and everything is possible when you are an engineer, that’s why enrolling yourself in the best engineering college in India is the optimum step to take for a better future.

The environment engineers work in ranges from laboratories to studios. Engineering and technology are so closely intertwined with each other which is why the rise of it has played a huge role in the advancement of technology related to computer, hospitals etc.

Healthcare has also majorly improved as compared to the last few years, all thanks to engineers. Engineering colleges in India offer the best undergraduate program for various fields such as civil, mechanical, electrical etc. The improvement in medical technology has given us the core of many illnesses/ diseases saving the lives of millions.

Credible engineers whose name has been engraved upon history is Alan Turing, inventor of the machine “enigma,” used to bring an end to world war 2.

New developments are taking place every single day. The majority of today’s goods and services has engineering involved in the process. Thinking of an engineer-free society seems a little absurd because, since antiquity, we have seen some sort of engineering skills being displayed in one manner or the other. Let’s talk about the various sectors:


Without food, there would be no community. Given the importance of this sector, agriculture has a strong connection to engineering. Today every modern farm processes machinery used for various tasks, that take place in the production of food. Development of fertilizers, water supplies for irrigation, these are just a few of the examples.


The products of engineering are all surrounding this sector. In fact, the very building, seats, tables, air conditioning, lighting, has engineering involved in it.

Engineers will be needed to facilitate the classrooms in the near future. You can find a good engineering college in India that would lead the way towards advancement. The future of engineers will make education an important sector.

Our reliance on technology will only increase with time and because of that engineering as a profession, is very important for the betterment of society. The work of countless engineers has changed over lives for the better.

In fact, no matter what, people often derail the work that engineers do for society. We agree that now engineering has become a common sector where everybody wants to step in, but one must keep in mind that without hard work and passion, its completely impossible to be anything, let alone an engineer studying in an engineering college in India.


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