Hong Kong: A war for Sstardom between Ocean Park and Disney Land

If you’re at risk of nearby Hong Kong and have school-aged children or are a kid at heart yourself, but are uncertain where to go or what to do,...
Ocean Park and Disney Land

If you’re at risk of nearby Hong Kong and have school-aged children or are a kid at heart yourself, but are uncertain where to go or what to do, Disney area and Sea Recreation area might just be your style. What makes these two parks—and Hong Kong itself—a good holiday location at this season is that there will be less people at the recreational areas and the cold temperature will be a welcome liberation from Manila’s dreadful moisture.

Thing is, with the dimensions of the areas and the crowds of people and the number of new destinations, it is difficult to encounter everything in either location, given even two full days dedicated to each. And definitely, there are a few trips that aren’t worth arranging for. Whatever you prefer, you can certainly select from ocean park and disney land hotel packages for your comfort.


For this one, we have to look at not only the dimensions of the park but also how the site is controllable for visitors.  Disney area has the Hong Kong Disney area practice that would take you from the Main Road Position to Fantasyland Position, while, Sea Recreation area has its own wire car that in itself is already a fascination.  For those who do not want to take the wire car they could take the marine practice instead.  Both are big in proportions and whether you go to Sea Recreation area or Disney area, expect a lot of walking.


Coming from Central, Disney area are available via MTR to Warm Bay then taking the Disney area MTR show, it will take roughly 20mins, meanwhile it will take you up to 30 minutes to reach Sea Recreation area.  Sea Recreation area are available by Sea Recreation area taxi from Admiralty MTR station.


Remember I said that Hong Kong Disney area and Sea Recreation area are so different. Here is where the most important difference can be found. Disneyland’s special events are very movie and movement based, so we see things like Personality Greetings, Animation Academia and, of course, Sleeping Beauty’s Adventure. Disney also has season festivities like Xmas. Sea Recreation area, on the other hand, has a strong collection of animal displays such as Pandas, Sea Tigers and the Huge Fish tank. Because it roles itself as a preservation concept park, the creatures are handled relatively well by industry requirements. There are even providing and information classes on selected displays, where you can really communicate with the staff and know more about the creatures.

There is really no champion here, as both of these enjoyment recreational areas should have your visit.  That would only come down to who you are with.  If you are with young children or family, then Disney area is the site to visit, but if you are with your friends who challenge to encounter thrilling trips then that’s no brainer, you have to select Ocean Park area.  The most essential factor is you enjoy and you make the most out of it.


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