Have Fun While Working: 5 Office Gadgets That’ll Make your Employees Happier

Having ecstatic or cheerful employees isn’t only a way to heighten office morale or uplift your employees review on Glassdoor. According to some studies, employees who are happy and...
Have Fun While Working

Having ecstatic or cheerful employees isn’t only a way to heighten office morale or uplift your employees review on Glassdoor. According to some studies, employees who are happy and satisfied at work will become more effective and productive, stay much longer at the company, and help get great team members.

But, of course, it’s quite challenging and difficult to keep a team of employees happy. In fact, it’s beyond the bounds of possibility. There will always be problems within the workplace, but it is how you manage them that’ll make all the difference.

Indeed, happiness is key, but to be able to make them even happier, you’ll need to consider adding or investing some office gadgets. With that, check out the five office gadgets below to boost both the employee morale and fun factor.

Smart Wifi Coffee Makers 

There’s doubtlessly nothing better than drinking a cup of hot coffee in the morning. But, in most cases, it is sometimes hard and exhausting to get up of your seat and make coffee. A simple solution to that dilemma is by having a smart wifi coffee maker in the office.

A wifi coffee maker might seem unnecessary and odd, but remote management and customization have managed to make its way to office coffee breaks. Smarter coffee, designed to boost time management, will help your employees get throughout a hectic day full of meetings.

Be sure to customize it to accustom to you and your employee’s taste and liking. You can also plan the time to make hot coffee just in time for you to get it while it is still warm or hot. These characteristics work well with a phone application that works for both Android and iOS phones.

Cable Drop 

Of course, computer and other devices are a typical part of the space in your workplace. Most of these digital devices have wires. Know that messy and chaotic surroundings can be a tremendous interference and can prompt procrastination.

So if you have plenty of cables and wires hanged over the side your workspace table, then you’ll need a CableDrop. A CableDrop is a multi-cable clip that’s self-adhesive. It keeps charging connectors and cables attached where you need them to be.

CableDrop helps you keep your work desk organized and systematized. It’s perhaps the best solution to your cord issues. You can buy this product in any online stores such as Deal Wiki.

Wifi Scanner 

There are certain days for which going to the copier, or copy room sounds too exhausting and tiring. And these days, a big scanner does not seem to suit the mobile style of living, and pictures can only do so much.

But luckily, with the innovation of technology, you’ll only have to move your hand to scan the vital documents. The wifi scanner is a one-touch portable scanner that makes scanning photos and any other important documents a lot easier.

As a result, the scanned documents can be, without difficulty, sent to your wifi enabled devices such as your tablet or computer. This portable office gadget can save photos or images in pdf (Portable Document Format) and jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group). This product is most probably excellent if you and your customers need to sign many documents electronically.

Wind Up Shredder 

Before shredders are bulky and huge and occupy tons of space, plus they can be very costly. For those individuals who need to shred some notes or other important bills sporadically, then the wind-up shredder is perfect for you.

This device is a substitute for the typical bulky paper shredder in the workplace. Though it might not be as quick as the electric shredder, it completes the job while being cost-effective.

Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser 

Of course, those disturbing and irritating fluorescent lights can become very annoying after a long busy work schedule. But with the help of a sky colored light diffuser, it alleviates the glare or the very bright light of the traditional fluorescent lights.

This fluorescent light diffuser can bring or take a bit of the open air into your workspace. Though it may not get you in the great outdoors, it’ll ensure that your office will become more encouraging and inviting.

This sky panel offers a more relaxing and unwinding tone. It’ll also help make your office seem or look larger and bring in a wave of new ideas, which can increase in transactions and productivity.


There are many useful office gadgets that you may need on your table and will eventually be in need for the years to come. So if you’ve found something interesting above, from smart wifi coffee makers to fluorescent light diffuser, then take the time to scour any online stores. With the help of these gadgets, rest assured that your employees are happier, as well as productive.


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