How to Deep Clean a Kitchen the Professional & Stress-Free Way?

Not every experienced chef or cook happens to be good at cleaning. You probably cook twice a day or perhaps some more on the weekends leaving behind a dirty...

Not every experienced chef or cook happens to be good at cleaning. You probably cook twice a day or perhaps some more on the weekends leaving behind a dirty and messy kitchen after all that cooking tango and dancing with the ingredients.

While kitchen cleaning is a routine task and extremely important, deep cleaning treatment simply ask for a bit of elbow-grease after which you’ll get a sparkling, sanitised and appealing kitchen from top to bottom. Here’s how to do it in a truly professional and stress-free way!

Pre-cleaning tricks

Before plunging in the thick of it, do a little bit of de-cluttering. Simply move around the entire kitchen, remove anything that doesn’t belong to the room, sort out and organise cabinets and drawers. Here’s how;

  • Determine if you need ridding the stuff completely or keep it in a proper place.
  • Always go through the cupboard and refrigerator, collect expired and rotten food and dispose properly in a plastic bag.
  • Remove all the unnecessary stuff that’s taking space while no longer being used.

Deep kitchen cleaning: Cupboards & surfaces

  • Cleaning the inside

After gently wiping the lighting fixtures in the kitchen, it’s time to treat the cupboards, drawers and surfaces. Wipe the inside with a damp cloth, allow to air dry and spray a disinfectant. If you’ve disorganised cabinets, pick up store bins and start organising the cupboards.

  • Appropriate cleaner for cupboard doors

For stained and dulled cabinet fronts, you need a proper cleaning solution prepared from warm water and liquid soap. Work up some lather, wipe down solid wood doors with this cleaner and your cupboard front would shine like new.

  • The outer surface scrub

If you happen to have a step-ladder, time to unfold it, climb on and clean the upper shelves, cupboards and exhaust fan. If you’ve space between the cupboard’s top and the roof, it’s likely to accumulate a lot of dust and cobwebs so don’t leave it intact!

  • Shine up the handles

Apparently those cupboard handles turned all greasier and dull over time while usual wipe won’t restore the usual shine! Simply remove them and soak them in a bowl full of warm soapy solution, apply some polish to the wood and metal finish, hand-pulls and allow it to air dry. Reinstall the handles and enjoy the shine!

  • Organise the belongings & rejuvenate

Simply put the belongings where they belong, polish and rejuvenate the cabinets and surface to keep them look anew.

  • Tile & backsplash

Clean up that wall space under the cabinets that’s either tile, granite or simply painted or papered. Use an appropriate cleaning method and solution per the type of backsplash as you don’t want to ruin it. If you’ve certain items hanging under the cabinets like books, pictures or something else, safely put them aside, wipe them clean as well before rehanging.


Deep kitchen cleaning isn’t entirely painful as you can simply follow the steps outlined above and have it done in a professional way. View More Details Here:

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