Deciphering the Significance of 3rd Party Verification Services

Starting a business is much easier than running one. The implementation of that majestic idea is somehow simpler than sticking to one. Especially if you are an owner of...

Starting a business is much easier than running one. The implementation of that majestic idea is somehow simpler than sticking to one.

Especially if you are an owner of a telemarketing business, you have to be extra careful. Convincing a customer who is not located in the same geographical location is not easy. You need to make sure that nothing goes wrong in the entire purchase process too.

Since there are so many frauds happening in the telemarketing business every now and then, it becomes nothing less than an essentiality to avail the 3rd party verification services from a call center.

But, a lot of business owners still find TPV (third party verification) services not so trustworthy or necessary. Are you one of them? I hope not.

Because if you are trying to set up an internal telemarketing business in the United States of America, it becomes a compulsion to tie up with a third party verification vendor.

Even in the nation such as India, TPV is gaining prominence more than ever, owing to the increasing number of scams that are coming to light.

So, what is it about the TPV that so many businesses are drawn to avail such service? And how does the TPV vendor helps your business? Let’s take a look:

Third party verification services

What is TPV exactly?

I think most of you must be familiar but still, I will try to present a definition of third party verification services.

TPV or 3rd party verification is a procedure where businesses hire a third-party (independent) vendor to make confirmation about the sales order or changes made in the order with respect to a product/service.

These sorts of services are majorly utilized by the companies that are long distance providers. Hence, if your company is dealing with the sale of a product/service, 3rd party verification service is a must.

Since there have been numerous cases when customers have brought businesses in the court owing to the conflict in the details of the sales order, 90% of the telemarketers now rely on the TPV vendors.

This service provides businesses with a proof that consumers agree to the sales transaction and the details are incorporated with latter’s consent only.

Therefore, third party verification services leave no room for conflict or legal issue related to the sales order.

What is the importance of 3rd party verification services?

Imagine you are running a telemarketing business and have made a sales to a customer worth let’s say few thousands of dollars.

Now, everything is set and the sales agreement is signed upon, but after a few days, the same customer raises discontentment about the order he/she made.

You try to convince the customer that he/she has made the same order and the details are precise but it does not impact the situation.

Also, you do not have any proof regarding the order placement. What would you do? Either you have to agree on the unjustified demands of the customer or you would have to get ready to be present in the court of law for the same.

Even though you would win the case, still it would take a good deal of your money, efforts and time to conclude the entire episode.

What a mess, right?

This is why businesses dealing in selling product/service to customers abroad on the telephone ensure to keep the TPV services in the business strategy.

The TPV vendors ensure to record the interaction between the agent and the customers so as to avoid any sort of conflict in the future.

What are the types of TPV services available?

Well, you can contact different companies that are involved in offering exceptional third party verification services for your business.

There are basically two kinds of TVP services that you can avail:

  • Employment verification services: A renowned TPV vendor will ensure to assess stringently the employment history, background check, educational history, and criminal records of the candidates you are planning to recruit in your company. This offers you a chance to keep your workforce competent and legitimate.
  • Customer data verification: There are a lot of details of customers that are needed to be closely checked such as buyer’s billing and shipping address, and email information. TPV agents ensure to confirm such details so that your business maintains its authenticity in the online transaction.
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