Can I use DiSC for hiring or recruitment?

When you hire a candidate for your company then the main criteria besides his skill set and knowledge base is his ability to easily conform to the existing team...

When you hire a candidate for your company then the main criteria besides his skill set and knowledge base is his ability to easily conform to the existing team setup.

To find whether a candidate can mix easily with the existing employees the DiSC profile can be of immense help. Before we explain to you how the disc can be used strategically by the employer to find the right candidate for the job offered, we need to go a little bit into what is a desk actually?

The DiSC actually is an online personality development program. This amazing online program is based on years of research in behavioural sciences. Experts have deduced that the personality of an individual is of an immense importance not only in how he behaves with his colleagues but also how he approaches his work. This importance of the personality trait of an individual has made it one of the most important topics for the corporate as well as individuals who desire to improve their overall performance in their workplaces so that they can progress well in their profession.

This online personality test is one of the simplestform of tests that takes only a few minutes of your time to find out your dominant personality traits with great accuracy. If you want to hire people for your company, then you can take the help of DiSC assessment online. The amazing part of this test besides its accuracy is that it can be done within a few minutes and a lot of people can take this test simultaneously. This is especially important when you are in the process of hiring a few people from a large group of people.

However, it should be kept in mind that the DiSC assessment online test should not be used as the only criteria to select a person. It should be a part of a broader procedure that includes scrutiny of the certificates, group discussions, personal interview and other tests which will enable the employer make a judicious decision on which candidates to select from a group of aspiring candidates. The personality test can only be used as an add-on that will help the employer find out the behavioural traits of the candidates.

Here we will explain to you in great detail how the everything DiSC profile can be used optimally.

To use it optimally the aspiring candidates are asked to take the disc assessment online test. As we have mentioned earlier, this test at the most takes 10 to 15 minutes of time. The candidates have to answer a set of questions for which the answers are also provided with the questionnaire. There is actually no right way to answer these questions since different people will behave differently when they find themselves in those situations which are asked in the online test. Once all the answers are given, the highly efficient and accurate algorithm of the DiSC goes through the answers and give weightage to each answer given by the candidates. Once all the marks are given they are compared against an online table of the disc which allows the algorithm to calculate where to put the dot representing the personality trait of an individual on a round disk.

This DiSC actually represents the basic personality profile of individuals. The disc is uniformly divided into four quadrants, each of which represents a particular dominant profile of an individual. According to the everything DiSC profile, there are four basic personality traits. An individual can have either one or at the maximum two of these four personality traits. The four basic personality traits of an individual can be described as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. If we look at these four personality traits individually, then we will find that the first two traits can be described as belonging to extroverts while the last two traits mainly representintrovert people. However, there are no hard and fast rules and it is quite possible that a person with either dominance or influence as their personality trait can be a bit introvert whereas a person with any of the last two traits can be an extrovert.

If the job for which you are selecting candidates requires an individual who is very outgoing in nature and loves new and exciting jobs, then you can give more focus on those candidates who have dominance as their primary personality trait. On the other hand, if you are looking for a person who is a natural leader and loves to take along his teammates in any of his decisions, then you can focus on those people who have influence as their primary personality trait.

If you are looking for a candidate for the HR department, then you can focus on those individuals who have steadiness as their primary personality traits. Such individuals are extremely good in keeping the team together. They have this inherent ability to listen to other people’s problem with empathy and offer them the help. People with steadiness as there is personality trait can best be described as the glue that keeps the team together. If you are looking for a person for your back-office job who loves to deliberate a great deal on his job and is focused to find the accuracy of the results then you should look at those candidates who have conscientiousness as their primary personality trait.

While all this looks easy to select people based on their personality traits it is actually a bit more complicated. The reason for the complication is that no individual has only one personality trait that affects his behaviour. The disc about which we have told you has four quadrants but each of these quadrants is further divided into three subsets. Therefore, a person can have any of these12 personality traits. Additionally, if the black dot representing the personality trait of individual falls between two basic personality traits than he will have the personality of both these basic traits in him. Furthermore, it is well documented that every individual has some percentage of all the four primary personality traits in him. That is why you can use the disc personality assessment test is a great starting point to identify the people who have the necessary behavioural traits, then you can use further tests to make sure that they are the right candidates for the job available in your company.

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