A Buyers Guide to ATV Tyres

Owners of ATVs face a lot of difficulty when it comes to choose the right set of tyres for their 4WD. ATV tyres aren’t just upgraded but first stock...

Owners of ATVs face a lot of difficulty when it comes to choose the right set of tyres for their 4WD. ATV tyres aren’t just upgraded but first stock is often replaced by aftermarket product. When it comes to change the tyres, it isn’t that complicated unless you know the appropriate fit.Riding ATVs in Dubai is a favourite sports and known as Desert Safari. So if you’re purchasing an ATV tyre in Dubai, the given details would surely come in handy so read on.

New tyres: How to know if you actually need?

Unless you wish replacing the stock, you’ll actually feel if the tyres need to be replaced when driving and there’re various indications. For instance, the corner grip maybe sliding out from underneath the 4-wheelers putting the vehicle at risk of uncontrollable spin and accident. So do perform a routine maintenance check of the tyres before and after every ride.

In case there’re circular knobs or tyre rubber being dry, discoloured and cracked, it’s time to invest in a new set and you’ll actually find excellent great deals on ATV Falkentyre in Dubai. Check tyre pressure as it greatly effect performance handling of the vehicle especially if tyres are wearing quicker.

Old and well-used tyres appear worn and simply, old whereas new ones give a typical rich dark-black colour and a fresher look that you couldn’t miss. Fading occurs by direct exposure of sunlight and when the product has served its shelf life which is approximately four to five years following production date for ATV tyres.

The first step in choosing the right ATV tyre in Dubai is knowing the type of road or terrain you’ll ride on. There’re typically five different categories of ATV tyres you should look for;

  • All-purpose
  • Mud
  • Sand
  • Off-road and
  • Motocross

Let’s have a brief look at each!

ATV Tyres

  • All-purpose

All-purpose or All-Terrain riding is just what ATV does and all-purpose tyres are suitable for all climate conditions however, tracks mustn’t be too extreme.

  • Sand

Skimming the vehicle on sandy dunes is entirely a different and exciting experience that’s worth trying. While riding on the sands and at beachside would be impossible with normal wheels, special sand ATV tyres would serve the need so you need replacing the existing set.

  • Mud

Most of us often use sand and mud interchangeably however there exists a huge difference between both. Mud is thicker, slightly wet and extremely slippery and to ride on such a surface with normal all-purpose wheels would only give the vehicle a bum steer. Mud tyres have deeper treads and thicker lugs which give them superior traction on harshest muddy tracks.

  • Motocross

ATV racing event just as Desert Safari feature jumps, sand dunes and other obstacles to test your driving and patience. To ride on these tracks require better grip as well as speed.

  • Off-road

Off-road riding includes a mixture of tracks such as single and smooth trails to climbs, slow to high-speed and everything else in between.


Fitting your ATV with the best tyre in Dubai would be a cinch following the above guide!

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