Breaking the myth: You can now stay fit during pregnancy as well

Breaking the myth
Breaking the myth
Breaking the myth

Very recently, a lady after speaking to her doctor started exercising while she was pregnant. This may come as as shock to people who have been fed with the fact that pregnant women are meant to put on weight and just be lazy, this statement is far away from the truth.

Thereby after taking the advice of her doctor, she continued to bike, lift weights, run and swim, at a lesser intensity than she did before. This wasn’t just for a month or two, but was for the entire nine months of her pregnancy. This lady faced no pregnancy complications as feared and instead delivered a healthy 7 pound baby boy. 

Hear it from them

The women who have been active during their pregnancy have golden words to stay. They’ve said that their health has been really good and they have only required pregnancy digestion medicine. They have been better emotionally. This is the most important point because it is very easy to slip into depression during pregnancy. The healthy glow that comes with chubby cheeks during pregnancy can also come with a toned body and flushed cheeks from a good workout.

Many women have said that exercising during pregnancy has changed them for the better. Their labour and delivery was as smooth as it could get because they were in really good shape and they were used to the pain of lifting weights. 

Where to draw the line?

Exercising is great but only in moderation. You have to be cautious especially when it comes to people who are workout junkies. If you love to workout and go on 3 mile jogs, pregnancy is not your cup of tea. You have to take it slow.

However for novices, it is important to note that excercise cannot really hurt your baby. Doctors have repeatedly advised their patients to keep in touch with physical activities during pregnancy so that getting back on track after delivery will not be a difficult process. As feared by many people, this is a process that doesn’t harm you or your baby. Instead if helps the baby and the mother both.

How to determine and plan out your workout during your pregnancy

You cannot aim for the stars when you plan to work out and do all the excercise while  you’re pregnant. You have to be careful and find the reasonable level of excercise your body can adjust to. You have to let go of unrealistic expectations.

If you’re epileptic, it’s important that you don’t stress yourself too much because stress can trigger a lot of problems associated with epilepsy. You should only work out in moderation and do something that calms you and do it routinely, like yoga and meditation. Balance is the key for patients who have epilepsy during pregnancy. It is important that you keep taking epilepsy medicine during pregnancy and take as much as help as possible from your family, friends and doctor.

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